Welcome Beautiful!

Dream Dealer and and Woman Empowerer

What’s good!! I’m Camie! Thank you for visiting my page!

Let me give y’all the run down about me-

I’m a college student at USC who decided that I NEEDED to take charge of my future. I envision a life that lets me truly do whatever I want with no limitations. So I took control of my life and decided to live on my own terms.

I’m partnered with the best hair, skin & wellness luxury brand that has given me the opportunity of a life time. I love influencing and networking with everyone I meet!

Time freedom, financial freedom, supportive community, the healthiest hair/skin/wellness etc.

Wondering what the hype is all about for these award winning, vegan/ naturally based, clinically tested beauty products? You can book a consultation with me and I will help to better understand your hair and skin for the best care yet!

Aside from helping people’s skin + hair, I teach others how to create a substantial online income while managing their busy lives. My motive is to mentor, connect, empower, + motivate women to become their best selves. Life is amazing when your living on your own terms. If your looking to work with me connect with me on the next page!

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