What I Do

I help you create the sustainable healthy lifestyle of your dreams one healthy habit at a time!

Many people have come to me with many different goals that they wanted to achieve.

I have helped them lose weight, gain muscle, heal their relationship with food, & exit the fad diet cycle.

I helped them understand that excessive cardio is more detrimental than helpful, that they can lose fat while eating more, that building strength is extremely important for overall longevity, & how to heal their bodies from the inside out.

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Protein Intake Tips

Do you have a hard time getting in your daily protein?

I know it can be hard to get in enough protein in your day, but protein is so important! It helps you build and maintain muscle and it also helps you stay satiated for longer!

What I have done is supplement other forms of protein into my day or include easy relatively protein rich meals.

Below are some of the ones I recommend giving a try depending on your preferences!

Boba Tea Protein Milk Tea πŸ§‹ Protein Powder

If you are obsessed with bubble tea like I am you will love Boba Tea Protein Powders! They really do taste like getting a bubble tea from a shop! The Classic Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea and the Matcha Milk Tea are my favorites!

Boba Tea Protein Collagen Protein

This protein has a lower protein content but you also get the benefits of collagen as well! These are also a clear protein so if the whey proteins are too rich for you these will still work! Also if you add in their bursting boba you are in for one refreshing protein experience! I have been enjoying one post workout.

Oats Overnight Protein Oats

If you lead a busy life and have a hard time fitting in protein rich options because you are short on time Oats Overnight will be extremely helpful for you. You throw milk if your choice in a shaker with a packet of oats, shake it up, and throw it in the fridge overnight and you have yourself some drinkable oats many of which have about 20g of protein.

My Favorite

Self-Care Picks

Self-Care is so important! Below are my picks for what I love to use for some well deserved pampering + daily self-care maintenance!

Tula Skincare

I have been a Tula girl for quite some time. The vast majority of my skincare are Tula products. They also have a quiz you can take if you are not sure where to start!
I currently use:
- The Cult Classic Cleanser
- Balancing Act Toner Pads
- 24/7 Moisturizer
- Eye Recharge + Replenish
- Protect + Plump Moisturizer


I am a sucker for a company that uses a quiz to determine the best products for you! I currently get 2 products from SpoiledChild a hydrating serum for my skin and a hair growth/ strengthening serum for my hair per my quiz results!


Did I mention I love products that require a quiz to personalize the products to you? I have been loving my Prose hair care routine if you are looking for a different hair routine give them a try!

Quip Dental Care

I have been using the quip toothbrush, quip water flosser, and quip floss and really like them. Plus you can get the products from Target or set up auto-delivery so you always have your fresh toothbrush heads!

Athena Club

I don’t know about you but I hate having the pay extra taxes for female πŸͺ’ so I started ordering from Athena Club and I have been loving it! I love not worrying about running out of my razor heads!

Pure Romance

I have been using the My Coochy shaving cream for years and refuse to use anything else! I also love using the body oil it soaks in so well and I do not need to worry about being too greasy!

Natural Cycles

I have been on hormonal birth control for 16 years and after some difficulties continuing to get my pill I decided it was a sign to finally get off of hormonal and try something else. This brought me to Natural Cycles which uses you basal body temp to track fertility. It is the only app of its kind that is FDA approved.