My Story

“Knowing a client is happy is the most satisfying feeling”

Who are you?

Hello my name is Camille... well it’s actually Asia but you can call me Camille instead.

Why Camille?

It’s just my middle name nothing special. I just love how Camille fits my photography vibe.

Why did you become a photographer?

The first time I picked up a camera and started taking pictures it clicked. “This is what I want to do when I grow up” I told my parents.

I watched fashion tv shows that inspired me to take fashion photography but that was only just the start.

I got to experience taking family and newborn portraits. Right now I also work as a newborn photographer at a hospital. It has been a joy seeing the cute babies and capturing those moments.

What type of photos do you take?

Newborn, engagement, half-day wedding, family and maternity.

Why do you love photography?

Seeing people happy makes me happy. Not trying to be selfish but it truly makes my day! Those moments you capture in a photo are very special and I want to make it special also for my clients.

During each session I want to get to know you. We are all family here. Let’s do this and make it an exciting adventure!



Newborn / Engagement / Weddings (half day) / Maternity / Family

$350 each session

Contact for more information via Instagram or email below.

Thank you!


What are you doing during Covid-19 to keep you and your clients safe?

I’m taking all precautions during these times. I will always be wearing a mask to keep my clients comfortable and safe.

Do you require your clients to wear mask?

It’s a personal choice. Don’t mind you wearing a mask when waking to the location but would love to see your smiling faces while taking the photos.

Are we allowed to bring our pets?

Sure! We love animals.

Don’t see you question answered?

You can contact via Instagram or email below for more specific questions