Central Arkansas Meet + Play (CAMP)

Outdoor Co-op + Community

We are a democratic collective of families in Central Arkansas seeking connection through child-led, play-based learning outside in our beautiful state utilizing what our local communities have to offer.

As the founder of our group, I’ve worked in pediatric Occupational Therapy which gave me an understanding of the equal importance of including social, emotional, and sensorial activities into the child’s whole education. I switched to working in the Montessori environment for a few years filling that need for exploring alternative education models for my kids and self. As I found the faults in a public school system not built for my quirky ADHD/gifted child, I ultimately decided to pull him out and learn alongside him on how best to facilitate his learning through homeschooling.

With further research into adding to our eclectic mix of instruction, I felt led to gather similar minded families and add what we were missing. A community.

We use a democratic approach to a co-op where kids have equal say in what their activities, learning, and play are. We are flexible. The group chooses what days we meet, which can change throughout the year, and where we go. We all have similar responsibilities in coming up with resources and/or materials needed for our gatherings. We even vote on it!

Some kids may choose to create clubs within and share their projects with the whole group. Examples not limited to: theatre, art shows, fishing, outdoor cooking, camping, bird watching, gardening, etc.

I’m so excited to get this going, and I look forward to you and your kids be the creators of this project! See you soon!

-Brittany Duty