Cancer Guardian Angel

Every risk is worth taking, as long as it's for a good cause and contributes towards a good life. - Sir Richard Branson

Cancer Guardian Angel is a campaign that I started in February 2017. It is in the memory of my uncle, who passed away from cancer at the age of 28.

Cancer is not an easy battle to face for fighters, neither is it easy for the people around them. One person may be diagnosed, but their entire family is affected.

My aim is to pass on hope, give love and contribute support to cancer fighters, to people who have loved ones diagnosed with cancer and to people who have lost loved ones to this heart-breaking battle.

On the 30th May 2015, I lost my uncle Krevan Naiker, at the age of 28, to cancer. He was diagnosed with Bone Cancer and had been for many treatments including Chemo Therapy, Radiation Therapy and even some homeopathic treatments. However, despite all of these procedures, the cancer spread throughout his body ending his life.

My uncle is the reason behind why I started this campaign. He was a father figure to me, as my father died when I was 5 years old.

It is not a bad, but a horrible feeling to lose someone you love to an incurable, excruciating disease.

I want to use my experience to help make this journey of cancer easier for others. I want to support fighters, families and people of have lost loved ones. I want to give them the hope and the encouragement that they need to keep in fighting.

My aim is to be a pillar for those who seek hope, love, support and encouragement. It is through the help and support if my mother and sister that I am able to continue with my cancer campaign.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see.”

I wish to see cancer fighters motivated to beat cancer, I wish to see families staying strong and I wish to see people who have lost loved ones, comforted. I aim to be the motivation, the support and the comforter. I aim to be the change that I wish to see.

Ishiqa Singh

And now I know my purpose in this world - Phora

In honour of ALL Cancer Fighters - CANSA February 2020 Shavathon.

You don't realise the impact that cancer has on people until you are impacted by it in someway or the other.
The hair loss, weight loss and appetite loss are real struggles. Watching someone turn from an extremely healthy, fit person, to a person with no strength is the most heartbreaking thing to see.

I've always cut and donated my hair, but this year I chose to shave my hair off. Being bald is my choice, and by doing this I hope to encourage cancer fighters that it's okay to lose their hair.

I asked a friend of mine a few days ago, "Would you still like me if I shaved all my hair off?"
My friends response was, "Yes, but you would not look right"... That response made me think, is there a right and wrong way to look? If my friend thinks that about a CHOICE of mine, what does society say about the effects of chemo?

Hair-loss is terrible. Our hair is our pride for both men and women, but it WILL grow back.

To all the cancer fighters out there:
YOU are doing a GREAT job at fighting for your life! You ARE beautiful in every way! You are NOT alone for there will always be people like me here for you💜

Do NOT let your sickness and society make you feel insecure about yourself, because you are one of the bravest people to exist!

Sending all the love, hope and prayers to all cancer fighters out there💜💪

Andy Koontz - A Brain Cancer Survivor 💪🏽

Keep your head high you should know that you special. - Phora

Andy Koontz

Cancer is something that can happen to anyone, anywhere at any point in time. You could be the most cautious person on earth, yet cancer could strike you leaving you to wonder why and how.

Musician, Filmaker, Producer and Director of an idie horror film 'Ekimmu the Dead Lust', Andy Koontz, recorded an electro album 'You Will Get Through This' in 2009 during his recovery.

After three long years of bed rest Andy was finally able to get on with his life.

However, "Life is pretty rough post brain cancer, chemo and radiation really messed me up!" It is not a pleasent treatement to go through period. "I havent talked in great detail about my journey yet! My wife and I are writing a book right now."

Upon diagnosis in 2006, Andy laughed at the doctor as he somehow was not really surprised, "I kind of knew before I was told". Andy and his wife had to accept it and the fact that things would get harder, as everything was about to change. 

"My wife is a true Angel of Mercy", this journey has been extremey harsh on both Andy and his wife. However, Andy refuses to give up although there has been many times that he wanted to.

At the mere age of 15, Andy witnessed the passing of his father who was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. Also, Andy's step-father is a Pancreatic Cancer Survivor for eight years now. As you can see, Andy's mum has seen a lot of cancer, his survival is a great blessing to her and all of Andy's friends and Family. 

Andy is one of the most dedicated and motivational cancer survivors that I have ever met. The love and support from his wife, famliy and friends is a true blessing. Fighting cancer and staying strong throughout this rough journey is a hard battle to fight. However, with the right support and attitude to overcoming this battle, you can overcome anything!

-Ishiqa Singh

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