What up doe?

The correct way to spell it is can-DACE.

Born in “The Mitten” I have a love affair with snow and beaches and half my closet screams, “Go Blue!” I gathered how I like my kisses, eggs, and steak in the DMV; by way of 95 North to 85 South, and North again I'm pseudo-Baltimorean.

I’m definitely, a believer, cause when I lean into my own understanding, Jesus never fails to slap me in the face and remind me who he is; My Provider.

A “hard head makes a soft ass,” my daddy used to say not outnumbering the times my mom proclaimed, “you'll reap what you sow.” Guess, I've taken up gardening here. Although not a vegan; I am an expert at weight loss failure and online shopping; none of which matters except when I need new jeans; I never got to shop at 5-7-9.

My mood is forever purple. Purple everything: feeling, sound, color, movie, listen, I Am My Sister's Keeper: “auntie gang gang” ride or die member.

Thanks to Starbucks red-eyes and Rick and Morty repeats, I am the proud recipient of 2 large pieces of non-recyclable paper that I am still paying for all in the name of having alphabets after my name. I want a cookie.

In the second grade, the teacher told my parents I talk too much in class whereas Mrs. Kolby in the ninth grade kicked me out for talking too much in class; now all I do is talk in classes, online, or in a CBL to a bunch of people in suits all day.