Welcome to my corner of the world

My name is Candace and I am here to conquer the world. Well it sounded good!
I’m not your typical senior citizen. I often tell people in my mind I feel 25. It’s my body that begs to differ.
Me in a nutshell… I’m a lover of the universe, I raised two amazing children into adults. I have never met a dog I didn’t like. I’m a professional pet sitter, I love to find a bargain. Love a good thrift store! I strive to buy only American made 🇺🇸. I have spent the last three years converting my home and eliminating toxic chemicals. I do not support companies that do not have my lung health as their first priority. I also do not support companies that do not align with my beliefs … yep I guess I’m a modern day rebel.

I live to educate others on how to live low tox lives as well. My mission is to help people find safer and better products with out breaking the bank.

My biggest accomplishment is learning to love me! After a yucky divorce years ago I had to learn to be independent. I spent my whole being told what to do… discovering I had my own brain and learning to use it is a great feeling!

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