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Hello my name is Candice, I’m 28 years old, I reside in Virginia Beach Va, Married, im a mother to 3 amazing boys. I’m a stay at home mom which I love because I’m able to be with my kids and ALSO work.

Who doesn’t want a job where you can stay home or work from anywhere and still be with people you love and make money.

Would you want a job like me? If so I’m here to tell you more info about what I do.

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So what I do is social selling it’s fun you get to use the most AMAZING products we have Haircare, Skincare, Wellness, Pet products, Kid products, and you get to meet new amazing people from around the world on your phone while making money together. Example ( someone likes your outfit and asked where you got it. They go buy… just did social selling without getting paid. Don’t you want the money honey? It may sound too good to be true at least that’s what I thought but it’s not. You will get a free website of your own, free training, products to use of your own and there also Vegan, Cruelty free, Leaping Bunny Certified. Ofc you would have to buy one of our Starter Packs to join the business BUT…..that money for your Stater Pack will double and triple etc. We can get paid up to five times a month it just depends on your worth ethic. We also have Bonuses, our car club where our company will give you a free car you just have to meet the criteria. Free trips paid by the company. It’s hard work but what job is easy? If you would like to join my business or try the products please take my quiz’s or reach out to me through phone, email, social media.