My journey to become a better me join me and begin your journey too!

Becoming a better YOU

My name is Dulce Gastelum and I am a college student studying for MA I have one daughter , I also love doing makeup videos and I love doing/ learning new things within my interest!I recently started helping women and men with their skin care and help people revive their hair and getting them to the right path for healthier choices as to skin care and hair products that are 100% vegan.

I appreciate the support I am getting from family and friends as to letting me help them with there skin and hair care. I am starting my journey and to be a better me and will be documenting everything as to how my skin and hair changes and the improvements.

I’ve always thought about being an influencer as you guys can tell I post videos for fun and that’s something I love to do on my free time, I also have been debating on starting my own business and joining to make more money I’d always pull things off but I told myself if I don’t do it now I never will, my journey begins and I hope with my help yours can begin along with me to help you guys earn money and enjoy the healthy products you’ll love at the end .