Creating something from nothing is a spiritual experience, sharing our creations with the world is the biggest honor and recognition of our skills

Be Unique there is nothing exciting about being just another boring follower of the masses and consumerism.

Our Top Picks

These are a showcase of a few of our unique items available for purchase

OOAK items chosen for you.

Creation #1

This is a handmade custom wardrobe and Vanity sized for a 1/3 BJD. However it can be a custom sized order and design can be made for you at your request. It consists of five shelves, four wide and deep shelves and a narrow deep shelf in the hanging portion of the wardrobe above the rail, and both the shelves the vanity top are lined with imitation Carrera marble, two deep working drawers and a narrow functional vanity drawer. A mirror is on the back wall of the vanity. A miniature vase of flowers, two miniature perfume bottles, 12 wire hangers in black and silver (additional hangers in wood or different colour wire can be requested). There are 3 working functional drawers, two below the shelves and one narrow drawer underneath the vanity.

Creation #2

This is a miniature ukelele, in a Starburst pattern, however you can order one (or more) in any size, design, colour and variety of your choice. The options for variety are: a ukelele, acoustic guitar, classic guitar, and electric guitar.
* The vase of flowers were also hand crafted and are included with the sale of the wardrobe above. The lighter is for scale.

Creation #3

This is a custom sofa with tufted back and sides using pearls, it comes with a miniature matching throw pillow. It is sized for a 1/3 BJD. A sofa can be custom ordered in any size, style, choice of fabric and colour and trim.