Candy (yes that’s my real name)

I think i have always wanted to try some kind of blog so here it goes ....

About me: I’m into photography and i’m
Slowly learning about videography when i have time.
I’m not really sure what i want to be in life YET, but my main passion is doing something to make the world better than yesterday, something being small or big.
Also ... as you can tell by my Instagram, i am heavily inspired by flowers.


My hair journey has been just that ... A JOURNEY.
My hair has been dead,damaged,brittle,and lifeless!
By using these tips,i got my hair back to healthy.
I actually get compliments frequently from women & men!
Nourish your locks!


Number one tip is to not use heat on your hair & if that’s not possible then just limit your heat use.
And always use protecting serums when using heat.
And when you want to curl your hair , heatless rollers are the way to go!
There’s so many video of these little lifesavers on Youtube.
Start with hair dryer than damp and leave the rollers on for at least 3-4hours!
I always leave them on while i’m cleaning the room or something. There’s different sizes of the rollers,if you want bigger or smaller curls.
You can get these on amazon,walmart,walgreens,and even some dollar stores!


Did you know you might be brushing your hair wrong?
If you brush your hair from top to bottom then you’re doing it wrong! That causes so much breakage of hair! Which makes it harder to grow (if you want to grow it out). Start combing your hair from the bottom and work your way up to the top.
Also try not to comb your hair when it’s wet.
When your hair is wet , it’s more fragile so combing it while wet causes major damage to hair.
Bonus tips: do not use a towel to dry your hair , instead use a cotton shirt or air dry.
When you dry your hair with a towel , it also also causes breakage.


Let’s talk about shampoos ...
So most shampoos out there have this evil ingredient named Sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate.
Chances are your shampoos has it (Go look at the ingredients).
What sodium sulfates does to your hair is strip moisture from it. It is also very harsh to your hair,it takes away the natural oils that you need!
Lucky for us there IS shampoos that are sulfate free while they are more pricey they are definitely worth it.
I use Maui Moisture which is as natural as it can get! but if you wanted a cheaper route, i recommend
OGX brand shampoos.
Also washing your hair everyday is so bad for the hair.
It’s strips away essential natural oils important for your hair/scalp.
It also dries out your hair BAD.
I understand some people can’t go too long without washing their hair because their hair gets too damn oily.
But at least try to go atleast 2 days without washing it.
Ideally wash your hair 2-3 times a week,the fewer times the better.
Bonus tips: shower with the most coldest water you can take OR shower with lukewarm water and finish off your shower with one minute of really cold water! Your hair will be more shiner and more bouncy!


For the love of coconut oil! There’s so much benefits that coconut oil can bring and one is amazing hair!
Stay away from hair products that are not natural.
Use organic cold pressed virgin unrefined coconut oil for your hair.
You can use it on your scalp for dandruff,it does a good job at getting down to the follicle.
What i usually do , is just use it on the bottom half of my hair. Coconut helps prevents breakage & spilt ends which promotes hair length.
Bonus: it’s make my hair so soft and makes my curls extra bouncy.
Also start making your own hair masks or buy some at walmart! Search some up on google/youtube!

Research the oils best for your hair and make sure they’re natural & organic
Quick guide for oils you can use :
• Aragon oil is good for dry hair that is exposed to heat, also good for hair that gets greasy! It smoothes and moisturizes hair.
• Almond oil is good for hair growth , it prevents hair from breakage
• Olive oil is good for dry hair and dandruff
It’s moisturizes and protects hair
•Lavender/peppermint oil is good for hair growth and to make hair grow thicker and fuller!
• Tea tree oil is good to unclog hair follicles which helps promote hair growth


Okay this tip is hard and it sucks.
But let’s talk about pools.... they’re fun and a summer must do activity BUT pools have chlorine *cue boo sounds*.
The good news is that it won’t do anything to your hair if you only expose it for a short time,and if you’re not in the pool regularly.
You see chlorine is used to kill off bacteria that’s in the pool , so if it’s strong enough to kill bacteria, imagine what it’ll do to your hair.
To protect your hair you can use a swimming cap!

My top picks

music by me

Some of the songs I really love and enjoy
If you’re looking for some new music , you might find some here. c:

Recommendation #1

I’ve been following her since America’s Got Talent and i just love her music! Her lyrics are so gentle and beautiful.
I also 100% recommend (waste my time,I love you but I don’t like you) I honestly can’t pick a favorite

Favorite lyric: If you wanted to say something
You would say it, promise me

Recommendation #2

I’m going to see them live since they’re a opening act , so I decided to learn some songs and I immediately fell in love this song.
I love the acoustic guitar so much

favorite lyric : How could a view of my skies light your temple?

Recommendation #3

I’ve been listening to The Nbhd for years now and they never disappoint.
I would definitely recommend their past albums “I love you” and “Wiped out” (favorite song is cry baby)
But I’m talking about their “Hard To Imagine The Neighbourhood Changing”
Scary love is such a fun catchy song
I also recommend hearing (compass,heaven,blue,nervous, and you get me so high)

Recommendation #4

I love this album so much! I think the name “romance” definitely catches its essence.
My favorites are (shameless,cry for me,easy,should of said it, and bad kind of butterflies)
But “feel it twice” is so beautifully written and every word is sang with so.much.emotion.
I can’t relate to the song what so ever but I still manage to get so sad and get in my feelings haha
Favorite lyric: I know love is the loneliest place when you fall alone

Recommendation #5