Hi world, this is me!

Hi yall, I'm Brittany!

I go by Brit, Bee, or B! I was born and raised in PA but now am a budtender in Baltimore, MD. I have been an MMCC patient for a few years, but I've only been slingin' 8ths for a few, good months!

I struggle with my mental health, openly, so that others who are struggling know that they are not alone. I love animals (we have a dog, Tofu, and a hammy, Fruity Pebbles), I have been vegetarian and cruelty free since 2016! I practice sustainability, I believe in doing the best we can to take care of this beautiful Earth!πŸ’™

My cannabis journey started during the rougher parts of my life. To put it plainly, cannabis saved my life. It was my gateway to better things. Fast forward to now, I never imagined I'd be working with cannabis everyday. I love helping others learn about this amazing plant and I love consuming it! The cannabis community has brought so much into my life and I am just extremely thankful for every opportunity I have had since beginning my career in cannabis and my social media presence!

My fave ways to consume:
Concentrates – with my Puffco Peak!
Flower – we have a small glass collection, so any of our 4 bongs or 3 bowls OR I also love fat joints and blunts :)
Edibles – I just started getting into edibles, feco has been really great but not many edibles work well for me!


I think pot should be legal. I don’t smoke it, but I like the smell of it. β€”Andy Warhol