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Its all about me!

The global unification of our species, History, Theoretical Physics, Planetary Colonization, and International Politics are just a few subjects I care about very deeply, other than music and audio production.

As a musician, I work inside various DAWs, and use a variety of mobile apps to build my songs from the ground up. This includes audio engineering my own sounds, mixing my tracks down individually, Mastering the final product, and collaborating with other artists across the world, including across multiple platforms.

Over the years ive become partial to specific instrument brands like Ibanez Guitars, or Novation and Akai midi keyboards and controllers. These are typically really good choices in general, but especially if you want the high quality sound without forking over thousands of dollars. If price is no object however, they do advertise equipment lines fit for Royality. The same thing goes for the software and digital workstations needed to completely compose and produce your own creations. I started out learning electronic music production on a lite version of Ableton Live 9 that came with a Novation Launchkey Mini MKII I had purchased new, for my first ever midi controller. Now, i use FL Studio almost exclusively, except for a few apps on my Android phone i use to help manage and minimize my workload.

Anyway, thats about the longest bio ive ever written for it not to say a lot. Don't worry though, if you would like to connect with me for music collaborations, maybe have questions or seek guidance in getting started, or just simply want to nerd out on some science and humanities with me, Im just a link or two away.
Oh, and if you wouldn't mind, subscribe or follow my media profiles. Lets build a future without the toxicity of hate and racism, but instead focuse to ensure humanity unifies on a global scale, and that we take our place among the stars to prevent an inevitable extinction event. A species with only one planet to call home will not survive.