CAPLLC is short for Constitutional American Patriots LLC

CAP LLC will be an umbrella company that will start out first with apparel and merchandise then grow into food trucks with merchandise bars grills restaurants Etc and then grow into more service oriented companies that will be striving to help young mothers homeless veterans and pit bulls.

I can't say I'm famous for anything currently, but I am very good at customer service and sales and I am a people person. My plans are to grow this company into a very big company a very diverse company with many subsidiaries and divisions and to employ many people and bring many things to market that are unique and good for veterans and young mothers.
I plan on being based in Southeastern Tennessee, specifically the Dayton area, and bringing my Filipino family over and a few others and then getting veterans that have been homeless to work with my company or other companies as well as helping young mothers to choose life over the murder of their preborn human beings. And then I love any kind of a pitbull breed, and they have been given a bad rap so I plan on helping incorporate them into the whole plan as well.
What I plan to be famous for is how much I will hopefully inspire others to be good Christian citizens love their fellow man help their fellow man grow in their talents and skills and use those for the greater good and to be little jesus's on this Earth. I really don't want anything for myself.