Hi! I'm caprene,
I mostly like to write short stories, novels and poems, mainly about love, heartbreak, thriller and ghost.
I prefer coffee over tea and I like clouds a lot.

Awaiting night

We just have to notice the shooting stars in darkness, sometimes we just have to wish for night. - caprene

Love can scream

A short story where love is the villain

Cold, wet night, heavy breathing, dark street, surrounded by fog, "ha.....! Ha.....! Ha.....! " Just too tired. Hands on a white car definitely not mine, catching breath. Too dark to see, even with the street lights on. Was the street so dark always?! Or....... My darkened soul is what I see. "Scary.....! " I don't understand, I feel cold. Does my body needs warmth or my heart. Weird.......... My cheeks are wet, it's not even raining. Well, even the street and car is wet.... Might be the moisture."It's the shady shadowy suspicious street! " I mean it has to be. No one likes shady streets! Or...... Maybe because there was no rain. People say rain is romantic. Maybe this night was not the night. "Right! " I smiled, it is the night why else would I get rejected...........

My treasure

My treasure, my peace is somewhere else

Disappointed and discouraged,
Make decisions that I'll regret,
Times when I'll find doors closed,
Hard to breathe and smile
Depressed and think it's forever,
When Time feel fast and slow,
Overpowered by laziness,
Dreams that shatter,
Confused by different opinions,
Oh! They are so far away from me,
Scared and helpless
From the snares of my iniquities
Seems so impossible to be happy
Amidst all........
But hey! Not everything will stay the same
There is a Father in heaven with you,
So powerful and mighty,
Who don't know the word impossible,
You won't have anything now,
But he will reward you
More than you can imagine
For eternity when the soul leaves the body,
He will be there to welcome you,
Rejoicing and singing with the angels
Living in a castle made up of precious stones
A room prepared by the one who died for you and me,
With pure gold, so beautiful,
Happiness is what will be there,
Eat with the one who was with you ,
When no one was......
Helped you even when you were walking down the darkest valley full of sin,
Loved you for eternity,
The one who never gave you up,
The Almighty God who loves you still,
Be patient and suffer now,
For the reward will be great after
Just have faith in the LORD.

Trust God

Trust God and let it go

When God strips you down from sin,
Be happy,
Let it go,
Let your sin go,
It's hard,
Full of amnesia and pain,
But let it go,
When chest feel tight,
Hard to breathe,
Don't go on wishing for sin,
But let it go
Let your sin go
When desires grow strong,
And realise your old ways,
Pulled back
And see only death end,
Let it go,
Thrust God
Let your sin go
Don't give in to the lies of the enemy,
Just let it go
Let God crumble down the walls built,
Let your sin go


My name is Belly

I'm old, and weak now. I lived for 6 years and I'm very happy. Time surely flew fast with my owner. Meet Rachel! She always filled my bowl with awesome food, gave me treats, played with me, we had so much fun together every moment. I wish I could go back to the time I met her and start over again. I'm very happy. I was a street dog back then, my parents died, nowhere to go, injured and cold, very scared. The children would throw stones at me, I thought all the humans was bad. When she came close to me, I bit her in fear but despite that she nursed me and gave me home. I was named too! Belly....... . Her friends had expensive breeds of different kinds better than me, I was just zero-priced, no speciality at all. But she still kept me, I thought I was a human all my life. I want to stay longer with her. But as the time is running out, I just want to thank her for everything.
"Hey Belly! Come on up the bed. " As usual she's about to sleep. Her gentle smile comforts me, I quickly jumped on the bed and licked her, I just want to say,you were a great owner. I placed my head on her shoulder one last time and closed my eyes.
"Belly! Let's go to the park tomorrow.... Belly......?! " Tear drops........