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Locally owned and operated in Idaho Falls, Idaho

After drinking big brand kombucha for several years I finally made my own and with the encouragement of my friends and family, I decided to go into making a legitimate drink business.
When I talk to people, a lot of them say that kombucha has too strong of a vinegar taste or that it’s too bitter. Here at Dark Marauder we believe that kombucha can be very delicious and flavorful, still have lots of probiotic benefits. Meaning, without adding a bunch of extra sugar and without the strong vinegar taste that a lot of companies have. The way we accomplish that is in working to find the perfect balance between taste and fermentation. Using certified organic teas, natural fruit juices and of course, the process of natural carbonation. Making the entire experience enjoyable and something to be remembered in contrast to some other brands out there. Because if you don’t enjoy doing something healthy for you, you won’t do it.
Unpasteurized, Unfiltered, Small Batch Craft Kombucha.
Available at several locations in Idaho Falls. See how Small Batch Kombucha can change your opinion and your life, we’d love for you to try some! Available for purchase at these Idaho Falls locations:

Diablas Kitchen
Arugula Deli
Chapolera Coffee
Tap N Fill

Available Flavors

Whether you’re new to kombucha or a seasoned vet, you’ve gotta try them all

Original (unflavored)
Mango Tamarind
Lavender Lemongrass
Cherry Jasmine
Mixed Berry
Pom Cran
Kiwi Strawberry
Spiced Tomato Veggie

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Dark Marauder

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