About me

Cara Walsh

Hi! My name is Cara.

I am a virtual assistant and social media manager for creatives. I specialise in Instagram management to increase followers, engagement and ultimately sales!

I also provide help with admin, organisation & management of other socials🥳

Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload?

Is your screen time crazy long?

Do you wish you could outsource tasks that you hate/ take up too much time?

Do you want to spend more time with friends and family without compromising your business goals?

If the answer to these questions is yes then a virtual assistant is PERFECT for you!!


I’m here to help you, support you and make your life easier.

Keep reading to find out what tasks I can help you with and how you can get in contact —>

Free up your time and grow your business!

Services I offer

Social Media

•Create/ manage social media. My specialty is Instagram 📸

•I also have great knowledge on Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook & Podcasts.

•Create a personalised social media marketing strategy.

∙Create creative, on brand content which you can approve of in advance.

•Create a consistent, automatic posting schedule for this content, set to post at times with peak engagement!

•Increase your engagement through engaging with others 30 mins before and after posting.

•Research relevant hashtags that will boost your posts to increase engagement, followers and ultimately sales!

•Repurpose content across all platforms so that you have less pictures and videos to provide!

•Respond to dms and customer service emails.

•Create on brand graphics for your social media.

•Ensure that a call to action (CTA) is included in your posts to increase sales!

•Follow and engage with potential new clients/ customers as well as existing ones to boost your followers and engagement.

•Research trends and create relevant up to date posts.

•Edit photos, videos & podcasts for you to save you time.

•Website design, logo design, YouTube banner design, etc. if you would like a revamp!

•Can manage online shops, depop & etsy etc.

•Optimise your bio to increase search engine optimisation (SEO) so that you show up when people search you.

•Moderate comments on pictures, videos and livestreams.


•Organise your calendar colour coordinated!

•Set up reminders of deadlines so you can stay on top of things.

•Create weekly progress reports for social media analytics, sales etc. so we can know what works and can continuously improve our strategy.

•Organise your emails by setting up automatic filters to put your emails into categories, clearing out junk & highlighting important emails to reply to first.

•Research and book flights, reservations etc. for the best price and service.


•Send invoices.


•Filter emails and reply to customer support emails/ business enquires.

•Create analytic reports.


•Edit writing.



•Revamp branding and theme for websites, social media, products etc. or simply bounce ideas off me if you’d like to design them yourself.

•Design creative graphics.

•Can help illustrate books or design covers!

Your choice

Anything else you would like help with don’t hesitate to ask! You can dm me on Instagram, or book a FREE 1:1 discovery call. The links are below and on the next page!