Change starts with you!

Hello my name is Carla, I’m just a normal person like all of you, I am 22. I’m retired from the military and a stay at home mom. I started MONAT as a way to change my hair and earn an extra income.

I tend to be a shy and timid person until you get to know me. I love helping others. I might come off strong sometimes because I was in the military and always had to answer with confidence.

My life has changed since taking this opportunity. In the amount of time that I’ve been in this company Ive seen myself change and grow, I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone. But don’t let that fool you I was scared, skeptical, nervous, but most of all Excited!! My husband being in the military and I just got out I enjoyed being home with my son but I wanted something for myself this is helping me build the confidence I want and still allowing me to be home with my son and not miss out on anything and I want to help you achieve that to. If you join my team I will be there for you no matter what questions you have or if you need help with anything!

Before you even get the idea that this isn’t for you, or you couldn’t possibly do this. Let me tell you this is for you!! With my help and guidance we can do this. So if you’re a full-time mom, full-time work, doctor, nurse, hairstylist, field worker, etc., I want you to know this opportunity will change your life and anyone around you. Why wouldn’t you want to have healthier hair and skin and get paid to share your experience and get people to experience it as well!!

Together we can do this not only will we build your company up but a friendship at the same time!