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How will you play your hand?


What is Cardology?

Card•ol•o•gy: the study of the ancient mystical science of playing cards and effects within the physical & spiritual realms

"Astrology studies the movements & positions of celestial objects and their effect on our lives. Numerology reveals the occult significance of numbers. Cardology is an ancient calendar for Terra (Earth) and her inhabitants. It contains a multi-dimensional code & keys for the stories of our lives."

"Although playing cards are used in card divinations; Cardology is NOT cartomancy (fortune-telling). You do not have to be psychic to use or understand Cardology. Cardology IS the study of the ancient, mystical science of playing cards."

"Cardology originated in Atlantis, and its accuracy speaks for itself. It is a fractal-based ancient calendar for Earth and is written in the colors, numbers, and symbols. It is an alchemical blending of basic astrological and numerological concepts with the mystical structure of a deck of cards to not only explain the personality and characteristics of everyone in the world, but also provide timely and practical understanding into the events and experiences in our lives. Cardology is so accurate and advanced that it also identifies the 'chemistry' of who we do and don't get along with and why."
-International Cardology Association

So, how are you playing your hand in life?

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Pick a card and decode your LIFE! All Cardology Consultating services are available for virtual booking & in-person.
Payment accepted at booking, or day of appointment.

A♣️|Report $55

The A♣️ is a Cardology Report Service. This is a customized report personalized to you. The report includes breakdowns of a selected topic as well as a few educational materials. Reports will be emailed to you or put into Google Drive.

Report Topics:
-Sun Card (Birthday/ Sun Sign)
-Life Spread (Life Path)
-7 year Spread (Map of 7yr cycle)
○ Names
○ Business
○ House
○ Location
○ Life Event

Subject: "Ace of Clubs"

***Please allow up 72 hours for delivery, as these are customized to each individual order & are NOT generated by software.
$$$SPECIAL$$$ Schedule a 15min session for $22 (A♠︎); to answer any questions you may have or get a deeper understanding of your Report.

A♠︎|Intuitive Session w/A♣︎

A 15min session for $22 (A♠︎).

Recieve clarity with you A♣︎ report with this 1-on-1 session. Get answers for any questions you may have or get a deeper understanding of your Report.

🃏Shuffle Session🃏

$33/15 mins; Base | $20/per New Topic

Explore your Current Energies at hand. Check your cards for the week, month, or specific time. Check on business decisions or the flow of any situation. Health, Wealth, love? We will decode your shuffle.

!Great for New Clients & Monthly sessions

***Session time not to exceed 2hrs.***

9♣︎|Reading $33

9♣︎|Reading (15 mins.) $33

The 9♣︎ is a 1-on-1 Cardology Reading. You will discover your Sun Card with a breakdown of its symbolism & Karmas. We will look at your theme of the year.

Subject: "Nine of Clubs"

J❤️|Session $88

J❤️ |Session (45 mins.) $88

The J❤️ is a 1-on-1 session of Cardology Consultating. You will discover your Sun Card with a breakdown of its symbolism & karmas. We will decode any area of your life or topic of your choice. You will also receive a personalized worksheet for notes.

Subject: "Jack of Hearts"

6❤️|Lesson $133

6❤️ |Lesson (1hr 30mins) $133

The 6❤️ is structured as a personalized lesson ALL ABOUT YOU. We will discover your Sun Card and break down your Life Spread. You are free to ask any questions throughout the lesson. You will be given lesson materials, a personalized workbook.

Subject: "Six of Hearts"

2♦️|Connection Reading $280

2♦️|Reading(2hrs) $280

The 2♦️ is an in-person/virtual composite reading between 2 or more parties (i.e., loved ones, associates, businesses, locations, etc). After a quick explanation of the players at hand; we will go right into the karmas of the relationship/connection. Together, we will decode your cycles & life paths to give you clarity of your direction and the options on your paths of destiny. You will receive session notes and materials with your reading.

Subject: "2 of Diamonds"
-Names of Parties/Entities involved
-Birth or Establishment date of Parties/Entities involved (if possible)
-Questions/ Topics you would like covered in your reading, please include them in your email


| Clairvoyance Trü | Cardologer

Clarity has been practicing esoteric crafts for over two decades. Studying since childhood, her love of astronomy led to metaphysics. Within her personal library, there are topics of astrology, numerology, ancient scripts, and various divinations. During the pandemic, she was initiated through "The Mystic Test Book" and began her practice of Cardology (i.e., playing cards). With her metaphysical knowledge & clairvoyance, this 2♦️ aims to bring clarity to decoding your life.

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