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complete for external and internal care of women.

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Jamu Tun Teja | RM88

Jamu T. Teja is created with the spirit of tradisional Malay Jamu mixture handed down between generations and influenced with the lates modern technology for the best result.
A Health Herbal drink that has been classified under the Pharmaceutical category and certified as Natural Product. It is suitable for modern women because Jamu T. Teja is brought in a portable sachets, so that daily intake of Jamu becomes easier and efficient.

Premium ingredients that can improve overall intimate health of women:
▪️Akar serapat
▪️Acai berry
▪️Halia bara
▪️Black pepper
▪️Pure honey

▪️Energy booster
▪️Burn fat and Detox
▪️Milk booster
▪️Women's inner health
▪️Skin health


Feminine Herbal Wash - 2 sizes RM48 (150ml) | RM68 (250ml)

Feminine Herbal wash by Jamu T. Teja is a mix aromatic herbs with high quality Essentials Oils, helping to cleanse and refresh the intimate parts of women. Be transported to a luscious spa moment once you take a whiff of the Patchouli and Peppermint Essentials Oils. Never have a Feminine Herbal Wash smells this good!

We use nothing but the best herbal ingredients the nature has to offer such as :
▪️Kayu Serapat
▪️Serai Wangi
▪️Ylang Ylang
▪️ Peppermint Essentials Oils

▪️Maintain the pH balance of the intimate area.
▪️Relieve irritation and itchiness.
▪️Reduce white discharge.
▪️Increase the elasticity tighten of the vagina.
▪️Give cool sensation.
▪️Prevent unpleasant odors.
▪️ Cleanse and refresh intimate areas during menstruation.

KKM Approved : NOT180706619K

Ginseng Herbal Soap | RM58 (150g)

Ginseng Herbal Soap by Jamu T. Teja is a very high quality soap with a combination of different types imported Herbs and Essential Oil, making this soap a Premium Product for JTT’s brand. It can solve various types of skin problems and our Ginseng Herbal Soap is not only suitable for the face but can use for your body too!

Our Premium Ginseng Herbal Soap contains :
▪️Red Ginseng
▪️White Peony
▪️Orange zest
▪️Ginger Oil
▪️Patchouli Essential Oil

▪️Skin's Energy Booster - improve blood circulation of skin, giving an elusive glow, fresh, healthy and energized.
▪️Anti Aging - fight premature aging skin, help to nurture youthful skin.
▪️Antioxidant and Stimulant brightening dull skin, moisturise dry skin.


Mekar Breast Firming Cream | RM78 (100g)

MEKAR Breast Firming Cream by JTT is specially formulated cream that smoothes on like a gel. It will firm and tone your sagging breast area even after pregnancy, weight lost and even the sign of aging. This cream delivers an immediate lift-visibly improving the shape of the breast area and improves skin elasticity. Our Mekar has Rose Water imported from france, that contains vitamin A and Vitamin E which play important role in brighten up the skin of the breast. Nothing beats this Breast Firming Herbal Cream!

Made from natural herbs ingredients:
▪️Geranium Essential oil.
▪️Patchouli Essential oil.
▪️Aloe Vera.
▪️Kigelia Africana.
▪️Pueraria Mirifica.

▪️Reduce Sketch marks
▪️Soften rought skin
▪️Brighten up dark nipple
▪️Maintain the elasticity of the breast
▪️Increase firmness of the breast
-Can be used at butt area for same benefits and results.


RATU | RM138 (Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml)

RATU shampoo with 11 oriental Herbs is specially formulated to gentle cleanse your hair while providing your scalp with nourishment from super ingredients . Its has a unique combination of active ingredients to help control of hair fall and strenghten of hair follicle. It cleanse without stripping the hair of its natural oil and also keep your hair moisturized , leaves your scalp clean and healthy.

RATU Hair Conditioner is specially concentrated formulation with an advanced blend of protein and hydrating agents. Will give you noticeable smooth, control of hair fall and manageable hair. A sulfate-free cleansing conditioner that lifts awas dirt and impurities from the hair, while rehydrating and nourishing your hair.

▪️Soy protein
▪️Virgin coconut oil
▪️Peppermint oil
▪️Rosemary oil

▪️Prevent premature graying and dandruff
▪️Strenghten hair roots
▪️Improve hair growth and prevent hair loss
▪️Make hair thicken and shine
▪️Increase hair strength and elasticity
▪️Protects hair against damage from over-heating, coloring, bleaching and straightening


Sutera Herbal Lip | RM48


Awken a healthy glow lips with cashmere silky texture, giving a natural true-skin finish for the ultimate "No-Makeup" Makeup Look, Infused with the skin-loving essence of Essential Oils combines with raw mineral color pigments, resulting in an exotic formula that is visibly hydrating and perfect fresh, and natural color on your lips.

▪️Organic mustard sprout
▪️Cinnamon Essential oil
▪️Peppermint Essential oil
▪️Babassu oil
▪️Jojoba oil
▪️Vitamin E
▪️Ballon vine (Heart seed)

▪️Moisturise lips
▪️Anti aging
▪️Soften lips
▪️Relieve sensitive lips
▪️Lighten up Dark lips