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Hi my name is Carinn. I'm a devoted wife and mommy of three, who became passionate about using safer alternatives after my family witnessed first hand what they could do for our overall well-being.

Former colorist/ hairstylist from NY & still very passionate in helping people feel their very best, makes what I do now FUN & REWARDING.
I am a hard working entrepreneur, who thrives on being busy, helpful and creating success in whatever I do.

I find great pleasure in helping others enhance their lives by building something they can be proud of. I work well with those who are dedicated, coachable and who truly care about helping others. Being able to positively change people’s lives makes me feel purposeful.

I see the value of lessening my family’s toxic load, but the importance in creating balance to allow things like CHICK-FIL-A. 😆. Everything in moderation.

For a few years now we have eliminated common toxins that can be found in the products that we use everyday, without breaking the bank. We all have to wash clothes, shower, clean, eat & sleep.. A healthier lifestyle with USA made products, packaging & shipping. A simple referral was all I used when I first shopped & it has the potential to bring families like yours & mine an extra stream of income during these unprecedented times. This is very important to me while being a stay/work at home mom.

I educate others how to do the same. Saving us time + money and ensuring that we are bringing safer products into our homes/health that actually work!

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