My stans


Listing my top three stans and the links to all my pages! All pages linked are my tiktoks my insta is @thatcharlidamelioeditor if you want any of my instagram users.

Ariana Grande

Click on the link to see my Ariana page!

Ariana Page

Charli D’amelio

Click here to see my Charli page !

My Charli fanpage

Loren Gray

I don’t have a Loren fanpage, but i might make one soon!

My ae tutorial account

About Myself


About me,
I’m a charli fanpage i started two years ago on August 12th i used to be an ariana fanpage which i recently started again! i have brown hair with hazel eyes and used to show my face a lot but not much anymore, i’m bisexual, my birthday is september 17, i have mental issues yay. I say lol way to much, i have a ton of ibfs, if you want to be friends dm me on insta i don’t mind<3 im failing my grades aw, i used to go to therapy but i never shared cause i have trust issues so i stopped. i’m obsessed with tiktok, im like really mature sadly, i’m OBSESSED with Ariana Grande, i love to joke around with its my mom, i have daddy issues, so cute! i’m really tall for my age i suck at math and world history. way to freaky for my age... i’m in many grps one being lucky cult. and much more dm me if you want to know anything else!<333