•helping with hair, health and happy life balance•

I’m Carly. (Oh, and mom and wife and daughter, sister, friend, cook, cleaner, chauffeur, referee....I have three boys...so yeah, referee!)

I have been a hair stylist for twenty years. Started out working in some really amazing salons, had a side gig as a colour educator, specialized in extensions, and then built a salon in my home so I could have more control over my schedule after the twins were born. (That brought me to three under three...so ya know, needed to have some sort of control in my life!)

I am super passionate about educating people on growing healthy hair, and you’re going to see a lot of that on my social feed.

I also own an online business with Arbonne. I saw this business as a vehicle I could use to create even more choice in my life, as it offers unlimited income potential and time flexibility. Aligning with this eco-friendly, forward thinking company allows me to help people with their hair and health from the inside out. It also gives me a way to offer more than that....an opportunity for them to create more income, time and choice in their own lives as well! Who doesn’t want more freedom?!

You can expect to see me sharing all of my knowledge on hair, health and the happy life balance I value oh so much!!! Thanks for following along!

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