Hello! I’m Carly

And this is, just..because.

First of, just to clarify, I know I’m crap at drawing don’t worry 😂 this was mainly just to make my Instagram feed have some kind of unique theme (very typical of me to create consistency lol) and just for a bit of fun. The random word association is something I have learnt on my course, and am using to start get me thinking and describing the visuals I like.

Initially I started this instagram as a way of show casing my work from my uni course (fashion communication and promotion). However, after many attempts , I couldn’t get passionate about what I was posting, and felt it was too forced and structured.

Throughout uni so far it is clear how the busy day to day stuff, and focusing on course briefs, has in some way pushed the things I actually like (for no specific reason), and my overall personal creativity ,to the back.

I want to use this platform as a place for those things I like. The things that may seem a bit off topic and irrelevant, and the things I am visually drawn to. A place for all the horded screenshots and pictures of things that interest me that have no place to go.

I hope that this will not only keep my creative side active, but also give anyone who is interested a wider perspective of what I like and who I am.

So in summary, I am filling this page page with things just...because.

Ps. If you want to read me ramble on more about certain things I feature, I also have a blog. ——link below——

Lots of love,
Carly xxx