Carly Friesen

Lifestyle Coach

I’m here to empower women (especially all you mamas) to stop the cycle of diets, restrictions and unhealthy habits and learn to LOVE OURSELVES right where we are at today.

We are loving our bodies by NOURISHING them through balanced nutrition, so we can still enjoy those treats and get healthy!

We are loving our bodies by MOVING daily. Gathering together online to cheer each other on, to be real about our struggles, as well as our successes! ✨

I am a mother of four and had struggled for years with being overweight. I had chronic back pain and weakness in my entire body. My gut hurt all the time because of what I ate.

I FINALLY for the first time in my life found a system that works. One that I could EAT real food, not have to avoid certain food groups, and could learn the proper MINDSET with regards to nutrition.

I found programs that were proven to give me success that I could easily press play on from HOME so no matter what kind of day my kids and I were having I could make it happen.

I’m so passionate about paying it forward because this was the answer for me after years of struggling to find a total solution for my health. I feel STRONG, CONFIDENT, and ENERGIZED and I want you to feel that way too!

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Learn more about my fit club!


I mentor the coaches who join my team in how to build their own health & fitness business and in how to PAY IT FORWARD!

I am absolutely in love with this community, our health and fitness tools, and how the business has allowed me the opportunity to lean into my passion for wellness to change the financial future for my family. I LOVE paying it forward to all the goal-getter women on my TEAM!

We all get :
•daily accountability
•step-by-step training
•help with focusing in on your WHY so you have a powerful reason to show up daily
•help with taking care of YOURSELF before other things in life so you can show up as the best version of you

The best part of all this is seeing my team challenge themselves and SUCCEEDING in sharing their PASSION. We rise up alongside each other!