I’m a wife, mom, and love to empower others to improve their physical, emotional, and financial health!

Hey there, I’m Carly. I’m a married and stay-at-home mom with a blended family of five kids.  I live by the beach in New Jersey with my husband and three kids ages 13, 11 and 3 and my bonus kids are 7 and 5 and live in North Carolina.  

In my previous life, (before kids) I worked in the garment center in New York City as a wholesale account executive.  Life is full of unexpected surprises…some good, some bad.  

After navigating through many changes in my life emotionally and financially, it definitely took a toll on our family.  Many years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and anxiety. I was always prescribed prescription drugs to help cope.  My husband had major back surgery and was still in a lot of pain after.  I was desperate to find a way to help him and myself feel better and be able to do it with holistic remedies.  

Not only was I able to accomplish this for our family, but I quickly found out how many people are out there struggling with the same dilemma and searching for the same solutions.  Being able to help others by simply sharing what I am passionate about has been a rewarding journey so far and its only the beginning! 

Whether you’re interested in launching your own wellness business, or investing in your health by getting your hands on the most incredibly innovative products that support stress, sleep, focus, energy, hormones, weight management, skincare and more, I’m here to serve you and Im honored you trust me to do so.

Now lets get you introduced to these life changing products and opportunity that have been life changing for me in so many ways!



The most innovative wellness products in the world are right here!

After searching high and low for a wellness company with innovative and cutting-edge products with supreme quality assurance standards, generous compensation, and an empowering community, in May of 2021, I partnered with Q Sciences.

We offer the most aggressive and progressive wellness products and services in the world. Formerly a “white coat” company, where our products were solely featured in medical offices, Q has experienced tremendous growth, and is currently the #1 fastest growing health and wellness company in our industry.

With good reason!

Our growth was 1200% through the pandemic and we are set to quadruple in 2022. Currently, we are in 26 countries with 50 expected within the next 5 years. We are on pace to become A BILLION DOLLAR BRAND. Yep, I said billion.

We offer medical grade liquid collagen, water-soluble patented hemp and terpenes (sublingual and aromatic) nutraceuticals, and have cutting edge, clean products to support stress, sleep, fitness, energy, focus, weight management, hormones, skin, and much more.

We also offer full-blown fitness and nutritional programs through our own app, Q FIT.

We have something here for everyone!


Let’s take a look at some of our products!


Spray your way to maximum absorption!

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, our sprays are portable, deliver optimal absorption, and are easy-to-use!

Sublingual use of vitamin sprays is the most effective way to absorb vitamins, second only to IV.

🌿 B12 SPRAY - boost energy, decrease fatigue and lethargy, supports mental and physical endurance.

🌿 D3 SPRAY - mood boosting qualities, healthy immune support, supports calcium absorption for strong, healthy bones.

🌿 BOOST SPRAY - supports a healthy metabolism, helps control cravings, promotes exercise recovery, provides quick burst of energy.

🌿 RELIEF SPRAY - designed to relieve discomfort, anti-inflammatory properties, promotes relaxation, antioxidant support.

🌿 C + ZINC SPRAY - healthy support for cold + flu season, antioxidant and healthy immune system support.

🌿 SLEEP SPRAY - supports healthful rest and relaxation, immediate relaxation effect, proprietary herbal blend.

I can’t live without my collection of Vitamin Sprays! I use 6-8 sprays of each in the morning, and use my Sleep Spray 20-30 min before I want to be asleep at night.


Show up for YOU with our flagship full body wellness system!

Q Core offers complete system support. This is NOT a multivitamin. This three product suite allows you to take full control of your future with the all-in-one health assurance of Q Core.

Three components of Q Core:

🌿 Q-MAX: Supports cognitive function, mental health, brain fog, stress.

🌿 Q-ALIGN: Supports inflammation, which is the root cause of disease.

🌿 Q-BIOTICS: Supports gut health with a pre and probiotic.

Equipped with 30 AM and PM packs per pouch for precise and convenient nutrition.

I take an AM packet of Q Core after breakfast and a PM packet with dinner, and literally can feel a huge shift in my mood if I miss a day. It’s THAT GOOD!


Hemp that gets you healthy, not high!

The CBD market is the wild Wild West! Please please don’t think it’s ok to buy yours at a mall kiosk, or even a health food store. Brand, integrity and sourcing is of utmost importance.

As someone who has used many varieties of CBD, this is hemp that helps your body find homeostasis and supports your overall health. It does NOT get you high!

Why is hemp better than traditional CBD? Because hemp carries nutritional benefit, whereas CBD does not. Our hemp is indigenous to Colorado, is sustainably grown, responsibly harvested, and purely processed.

Next-gen delivery biosync technology that is patented, exclusively by Q Sciences, maximizes the benefits of full spectrum hemp for daily use.


🌿 Calms to relieve stress
🌿 Supports healthy immunity
🌿 Boosts focus
🌿 Supports inflammation response
🌿 Supports healthy blood sugar levels

We have 3 flavors (berry, mocha, cinnamon) and offer THC and THC free sublingual, topicals and rollers enhanced with essential oils.

Hemp for everyone, even your pets.

This is hemp you can actually feel!

I personally recommend the mocha and the berry. I take a dropper in the late morning, and as needed later in the day. It helps boost my mood and focus, and I don’t go a day without. The mocha is delish in your coffee!


Your powerhouse sublingual solutions for stress, sleep, focus, and discomfort!

Terpenes are active components found in plants that provide unique benefits you can feel! A perfect alternative to hemp that is also 100% natural, non-psychoactive, and derived entirely from the DNA of plants.

Our patented biosync technology makes us first-to-market with water-soluble terpenes, which provide an amazing support system for stress, sleep, discomfort, and focus!


🌿 CHILL - Calm the mind and bring out your social side.

• stress relief
• boosts mood
• anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties


• All-Star ingredients GABA, Rhodiola Root, and L-Theanine
• Sublingual absorption
• Water soluble and fast acting

🌿 COMFORT - A wave of relief!

• Supports relief from discomfort
•Anti-inflammatory properties
• Supports a sense of calm
• Helps boost mood


• All-Star ingredients Cat’s claw root, Boswellia serrate root

🌿 CREATE - Lightening in a bottle!

• Boosts mental energy
• Helps increase focus
• Promotes creativity
• Boosts mood


• All-Star ingredients Ashwagandha root, Bacopa monnieri root, and Green coffee bean

🌿 SLUMBER - Sweet Dreams!


• All-star ingredients limonene, magnolia bark extract, passionflower root, chamomile flower
• Sublingual absorption
• Promotes restful sleep

I use all 4 varieties, and especially rely on CREATE for long work sessions, and I take a dropper of SLUMBER at night with my Sleep Spray, and it’s all 💤’s


Ready to age backwards and support fat loss and muscle preservation?

Collagen is a hot-button wellness product, but there’s a massive difference between ours and the rest. Our two formulations of hydrolyzed collagen are medical grade and FULL MATRIX!

Little 411 for you…the powder collagen you see in your local store? It doesn’t absorb well. Liquid is where it’s at. And here’s some info on our distinct and great tasting liquid collagens:

🌿 reFORM supports anti-aging. Visibly decreases lines, wrinkles, discoloration and effects of sun damage. Promotes firm and supple skin. Biotin for healthy hair support. Other benefits: nails, eyes, gums. Peach-Mango (naturally) flavored.

🌿 reBUILD helps you reach your fitness potential designed for mobility, agility and athletic performance. Supports muscle tone, joint and tissue health, promotes healthy lean muscle and fat reduction. Sweet Vanilla (naturally) flavored.

I take one tablespoon a day of each. reFORM is best taken at night. reBUILD after your daily workout or in the morning/afternoon.


Hey Golden Girl - Want to wake up looking younger?

This revolutionary and supple anti-aging overnight treatment is designed to help skin repair while you sleep. This is unscented and includes tetrapeptide blend, gold colloid, probiotics, and plant stem cells for maximum benefit.

I apply a dime size nightly with our rePAIR collagen serum, after my tablespoon of reFORM liquid collagen and my skin has never been more nourished or looked better!


Your “can’t live without” silky collagen skin serum!

This head-to-toe skin treatment is designed to address signs of aging, sun damage, scars, and stretch marks.

Glides on as a silky white cream and turns invisible in seconds, your skin will quickly absorb this smooth serum. Use on your face to help with wrinkles, and on your body to provide support to cellulite, stretch marks, and scar support.

I pair this serum with our reFINE Overnight Gold Treatment Cream and reFORM collagen before bed each night.


Need relief from muscle and joint aches and pains?

This incredibly relaxing and invigorating cream features BIOSYNC full spectrum hemp oil, herbs, botanicals, and calming essential oils.


🌿 Aloe Vera - calming and comforting for irritated skin
🌿 Wintergreen essential oil - relief for muscle discomfort
🌿 Pure C02 extraction
🌿 Transdermal absorption


🌿 Fast-acting relief for muscle and joint discomfort
🌿 Perfect for fitness and exercise-induced inflammation
🌿 Provides a warming/cooling sensation and soothing to targeted areas
🌿 Leaves skin soft and non-greasy


This head-to-toe everyday use comfort cream provides gentle relief from aches and pains.


🌿 Jojoba oil
🌿 Aloe Vera
🌿 Pure CO2 extraction
🌿 Transdermal absorption

I massage this cream onto my shoulders, and any area of my body where I need immediate relief. It tingles, relaxes and truly heals! One of my fave products!


Water enhancing CBD drink mixes that support stress, curb appetite, and provide calm!

Featuring broad spectrum hemp (also available without hemp) Q TWIST comes with three variations:

🌿 Q TWIST CALM - Provides stress support

🌿 Q TWIST CRAVE - Helps curb appetite

🌿 Q TWIST HYDRATE - promotes hydration and supports recovery


🌿 50mg of broad spectrum hemp with 10mg of CBD in each stick
🌿 Water soluble for superior absorption

My personal favorite is the peach-lemonade CALM. It takes the edge off late in the day, and is revitalizing in cold sparkling or still water!


Become lean, mean and ultimately GREEN!

Tired of green superfoods that taste 🤮?

Here’s your answer!

This is a superfood powerhouse featuring the greens you know crammed into a delicious apple-cinnamon blend you can drink alone with water or add to smoothies!


🌿 Sulforaphane - a powerful antioxidant that supports cell detox pathways and skin health.
🌿 20 superfood blend
🌿 Natural energy with 65mg of caffeine per serving
🌿 Apple-cinnamon flavor


🌿 Assists in healthy muscle growth
🌿 Gentle cleanse and detox
🌿 Supports improved digestion
🌿 Alkalizes the body

30 individual packets per bag. May be added to food and/or drink. Trust me, it’s the best tasting greens powerhouse ever!

I love a packet of Greens mixed in with my vanilla ultra lean protein powder. This is also the only greens I can get my kids to drink! It’s naturally flavored apple cinnamon.


The original superfood that’s your immune system fortress!

Organically grown, this exclusive formula includes iconic, rare mushrooms known as adaptogens which have a unique ability to “adapt” according to the specific needs of your body.

Delicious natural chai spice flavor in individual servings that supports the immune system.


🍄 REISHI: Adapts to support immune response

🍄 CHAGA: Antioxidant powerhouse for cell support

🍄 ANTRODIA: Immune, antioxidant, and liver support

🍄 CORDYSCEPS: Circulation and endurance support

🍄 TURKEY TAIL: Immune support via healthy gut

Armor can be added to water, milk and can be served hot or cold. It’s delish because it tastes like chai latte. Conveniently packaged in individual servings!


An herbal weight loss blend that delivers real and sustainable results!

A powerful blend of natural and powerful herbs formulated to support weight management.


🌿 Herbal weight loss blend starting six amazing ingredients
🌿 L-Carnitine L-Tartrate for energy production
🌿 Chromium to support metabolism
🌿 33 mg of caffeine per capsule from Guarana and Green Tea


🌿 May reduce carbohydrate absorption and fat storage
🌿 Helps curb cravings
🌿 Supports metabolism and may convert fat into energy
🌿 Promotes lean muscle mass

I take two Trim capsules daily and rely on it for some carb blocking, and overall boost of metabolism.


11 enzyme blend that helps break down carbs and sugar!

Q DIGEST has 11 natural enzymes designed to speed and ease the digestion of everything in your healthy diet. Better digestion helps you boost nutrient absorption, leave the “bloat” behind, and enjoy your favorite foods again!


• Enzymes to breakdown carbs and sugar
• Enzymes to breakdown protein, nuts and beans
• Enzymes to breakdown fat and dairy


• Supports healthy digestion and regularity
• Supports improved nutrient absorption
• May ease digestion issues like bloating, gas, cramps, and indigestion
• May decrease food sensitivities

Suggested use is 1 capsule in the morning or before a meal.


Every woman’s daily must have: Awaken your body!

A blend of 8 adaptogenic herbs and amino acids that target the nutritional needs of women.


🌿 Promotes physical performance, muscle tone and sexual energy
🌿 Fuel stamina, energy and longevity
🌿 Supports brain and body function
🌿 Supports a balanced mood

As a woman, I need special feminine support. I take Vitalize daily and love that my hormones are supported naturally.

There is also a Men’s VITALIZE available.


Optimal protein blends that taste delicious and promotes lean muscles!

A delicious and powerful punch of ultra-pure, fast absorbing whey protein to support muscle growth and recovery from exercise.


🌿20 mg of protein per serving
🌿0g sugar and 4g carbs per serving
🌿Only 120 calories per serving
🌿Pasture fed whey, no artificial hormones


🌿Supports muscle tissue growth and repair to achieve lean muscle mass
🌿 Enzyme blend adapted for bioavailability and protein support
🌿Fast-action whey isolate to initiate recovery immediately

Available in Vanilla and Chocolate, and seasonal flavors like Mocha Malt, Peppermint, and more.

I personally love to mix chocolate with banana, and enjoy the vanilla shake mix with our GREENS! Best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had


Rev your engines!

Shift gears when it’s go-time with this fresh strawberry pre-workout blend that fuels energy production and enhances mind-muscle connection.

Featuring a cast of supporting vitamins, minerals and amino acids, this blend gives you an energy pop without a crash. It’s made with the highest quality staple pre-workout ingredients!


🌿 250mg of caffeine per serving
🌿 Beta-Alanine for mind-muscle connection
🌿 Alpha-GPC for enhanced cognitive function and focus
🌿 Targeted electrolyte blend


🌿 Boosts energy and focus
🌿 Promotes improved physical performance
🌿 Vasodilation for increased blood flow
🌿 Supports delayed onset muscle soreness and better endurance

Suggested use: Mix one scoop with 12-16 oz of cold water and shake well.


Breathe fire into athletic performance and sharpen your mind with a boost of physical and mental energy!