Hi there! I’m Carly Michelle

Here to help you make an income while making an impact!

I am from NY, 30 years young.

Just a little background… I graduated with my bachelors degree from Oneonta and my Masters degree from Stony Brook University. I am a social butterfly and love to meet new people and have fun!

Let’s flash back to almost 3 years ago now. January 2019, I was a graduate student pursing my degree to become an Occupational Therapist. I was busy studying, learning, investing my time as a student that I found it difficult to get a job that fit into my schedule.

I felt like I was constantly looking for more and feeling very unfulfilled. Not sure where to go, I ended up in my messages on Instagram to an acquaintance offering a business opportunity. This caught my attention because it wasn’t the first message I had received like this. At this point I had had a handful of women reach out to me about this opportunity, all of which I ignored (shame on me).

For some reason, on this day I decided to respond to that DM and jump blindly into what is now my full time career. I said yes to building an online beauty business, make some extra money, and help others with their hair and skin. I had NO idea it would grow into what it has.

This business fulfills me in ways I have never experienced and truthfully never could have imagined. It has allowed me to help men and women grow their confidence. It has provided me with my own confidence boost. It has given me more time to spend with friends and family.

Take this opportunity like I did to go after your dreams, to dream bigger. You don’t have to do it alone either, I am right here for you.