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I'm Dedicated to Living this Life rather than Merely Existing & I Share It All in Its Rawest Form

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I am a Jesus Loving, Self~Discovering, FuN Living Mother & Wife who Chooses to Share Our Crazy Life with You All. I Share Our Diversity in the Most Raw & Real Way Possible. I'm A Social Influencer and Use Products that Have Changed My Life & I Can't Wait to Share Them with The World! I Also Help People Provide for Their Families while Working from Home Just Like I Do. I struggled for so long that it became comfortable. Anything else was so unfamiliar that it was uncomfortable, and when the uncomfortable becomes our new comfortable....It's time for Change. I'm a retired Bartender/Tattooist/Piercer and I've engaged in the world of Network Marketing. From my Waistline Shrinking to my Bank Account getting Fatter, I'm THANKFUL for Gods Divine Intervention & All of this Business.

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Living Life on Life's Terms (Addiction & Loss, Mental Illness & Physical Disease) and of course, Fitness..... We Embrace It All for the Lessons and Opportunities they Deliver. Mind, Body & Spiritual Health is Our Goal & My Purpose is to Serve Others. We are ALL too Blessed to Be Stressed ❣️

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My Top Picks

My Favorite Combos to Get Accelerated Results are Listed Below

Accelerated Transformation Packs

Skinny Mocha

Skinny Coffee, TFXX & Chocolate Greens

Brain Boosting Fat Burning French Roast Coffee to Start Your Day. Add the Chocolate Greens for a Smooth Chocolate Flavor and let the Natural Ingredients do the work for you. TFXX is a plant based vitamin Clinically Proven to help you lose 31lbs in 90 days. Take this Thermogenic Vitamin twice daily for Accelerated Results. Speed up your metabolism, curve your appetite and increase energy all at the same time.

Total Detox

Cleanse® 2~Day Detox
Berry Greens
Just Celery

Enjoy Our Gentle 2 Day Cleanse to rid your body of toxic sludge. Out with the bad & in with the good as you give your body a full serving of fruits and veggies daily from one little packet. The Just Celery will provide over all health benefits without the time consumption of Juicing.

Target Trio

Use our Ultimate Body Applicators to Tighten & Tone your Skin. Combine My Cleanse® to help with bloating by removing toxic sludge and enjoy the benefits of better sleep habits, allergy control, clearer skin and extra energy all while increasing weightloss potential. Add my Fat Fighters to the mix to block carbs and sugar intake and assist with your goal of a flatter, tigger and more times midsection while addressing your health goals.

Give Me Back My Youth

My Skin Care regimen has preformed a Miracle on My "Aging" Process. Dr. Nassiffs (from the hit TV show "Botched") Illuminating Facial Pads, Firming Neck Cream & Eyelash Serum have made me LOVE My Results!

I haven't had eyebrows since 7th grade. #truestory I Do Now!

I never even realized how "OLD" my neck line looked due to excessive tanning. #notanymore

My pores have always been huge. I don't even need foundation these days. #barenakedlady

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What We Don't Change, We Choose.

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