Carolina Soto

Mom | Wife | Spiritual | Bohemian

Short and sweet!!

Carolina Soto is my name! I am 30 years of age as of 2020, strong Gemini, I have a beautiful mini me toddler, 2 amazing 4 legged children (Athena & Ares), and a fantastic significant other!

I joined Monat because I mainly wanted to take care of my Hair! I was tired of using over the counter products that are branded by models that do not even use them! I trusted a friend and her judgement and the way she spoke about the products! I joined! BEST decision ever for my Hair! These products are amazing! They are backed up by a unique technology, vegan, plant based and mainly of all they DO what they say!

I am very happy I switched to all natural vegan anti aging products for my hair! I joined as a market partner for the benefits! The benefit of getting the products at AMAZING prices! Benefit of getting paid for each person I help make the change to vegan products! Benefit of a community of like minded individuals, BOSS BABES! Moms, women who are motivated in helping one another! Travel opportunities! The opportunity of getting a paid for Cadillac or RR!

There is no catch to this style of Social Marketing! No need for inventory! Just the products for yourself!

After a 5 month journey of better products for my hair! Monat launches SKIN CARE! And knowing this business I already knew they were going to be amazing!! And so... the skin care line is UNIQUE!! Anti aging and targeted! Custom for your skin! And luxury at a great price!

I cant stop saying that all of the Monat products are Vegan, Plant Based, Anti Aging, Clinically tested, no sulfates, no parabens, no silicone, and no damage to your hair and skin.... Most products only target the issue so you must always buy and use, but the Monat products actually do Restore, Regenerate, Hydrate, Rejuvenate, Protect, Renew and Reverse Aging,plus more benefits... so you are Happy to continue using these products!

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