Hey I’m Caroline!

Welcome to my wellness page! Let me introduce myself, I am a 19 year old nursing student with a minor in exercise physiology at the University of Miami. Total body health and helping others are quite simply my passions.

I am committed to helping others find long term love for themselves so they can feel confident in their bodies and see the true beauty of God’s perfect craftsmanship. About a year ago I hit rock bottom with my self-confidence. I would tell everyone around me the right ways the treat their body, yet I could not apply the same to myself.

Then one day it hit me that if I continued down this path, mentally and physically, I would lose everything that mattered and never have the strength to make an impact in the world. From that moment on, God made clear to me my calling to help others find love for themselves, food, and exercise. Three things that should go cohesively together and not abusively.

Getting an education as well as getting certified to personal train and give nutrition coaching is expensive, undoubtedly. The only way it has been possible for me is through academic scholarship, countless part-time jobs, and taking out student loans.

Rather than being stuck paying off my student debt while working part and full-time jobs and eventually supporting a family, I want to be able to give back to those in need while I am still young and throughout the entirety my life. So, I decided to be a business owner with Modern Nature. By simply partnering with a company that has an incredibly supportive community and values the same beliefs as me, I have been able to work from my phone to receive time freedom, financial freedom, personal growth, friendships, and more.

If I can take this opportunity as a busy nursing student and fitness-foodie enthusiast, I know you can too!!