STRONG is beautiful 🦋

Hey! I’m Carol Oliveira, I’m 16 years old, Im from Charlotte, NC. I'm a huge believer in loving yourself, body positivity and to embrace the different. I'm inspiring girls to learn to love themselves, embrace their imperfections .God made me the way I am and I should feel blessed. It shouldn't make me feel any less beautiful.

Magazines, movies, commercials, TV shows, basically everything you see everyday, would have you believe that you're not worth anything if you don't look like those girls. If you don't have perfect skin and perfect hair and the perfect body, with curves, but not too many, you are worthless. That no one will ever love you if your dress size in the double digits and you don't look like a Victoria's Secret model. Well you know what? nopeeee. Don't let anyone tell you you're not pretty enough, not good enough, not strong enough. Don't let someone else determine your worth based on ridiculous standards that even supermodels can't uphold without photoshop.
I want you to LOVE YOUR BODY NOW! Love the process of getting where you want to be. Workout and eat good foods because you want to be healthy and strong, or because you just like to, Whatever the reason is.. DO IT FOR YOU!

When I learned to love my body and the things it does for me everyday I started to be happier and more confident. Of course, there are days that it is still a struggle, days I still let self-doubt and self-hate creep in, days when I wish I was skinner and stronger but I am in a better mindset than I have been in the past months. For years I let what others thought about me define who I was and what I thought of my body but not anymore. I allowed people to make me believe I wasn't good enough and that I wasnt pretty enough.I was absolutely so mean to myself, doubted every little thing I did. I hated myself.

Always remember- You are enough , don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Set goals and work towards them, but don't let them define you. love the process, love your body as it is right now, love all your imperfections, they are what make you unique and beautiful and special. Love yourself. Trust me, life is better that way.

- Carol Oliveira

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