Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief Show

As some you might be aware, a series of earthquakes have been hitting the South of Puerto Rico since December 28th, 2019. Over a 1,280 earthquakes have occurred since then, more than two dozen of them of magnitudes 4.5 or greater. These earthquakes and tremors are still occurring to this day.

Hundreds of people have lost their homes, and thousands more are sleeping on the streets, left to their own devices, too afraid to sleep in their houses in fear of them collapsing. These communities are depending on the help of generous neighbors and community led initiatives to survive in their current circumstances.

With the help of Resident Culture, I’ll be putting together a benefit show at their brewery to help raise funds for two Puerto Rican community initiatives: La Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (Solidarity Brigade of the West) and Huellitas de la Montaña (Pawprints of the Mountain).

We will be hosting live music, an art sale, raffle prizes, vendors, and more!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!
Astery M.
ig @carpedayum__

Get to know the organizations:

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

La Brigada Solidaria del Oeste is a self-managed community initiative comprised of individuals from various organizations, creative spaces, and social struggles. Their aim is to support the development of collective processes in communities and to promote grassroots community efforts. This initiative arose after the passing of Hurricane María on September, 2017. They visit communities on the West coast of Puerto Rico in order to identify and meet their needs with the support they have been receiving from committed individuals and groups in Puerto Rico, the diaspora (in the US, Europe, Latin America), and other countries. They are a registered Not for Profit organization.

Donate to their paypal:

Get to know the organizations:

Huellitas de la Montaña

“Since 2013, this not-for-profit organization has been dedicated to saving abandoned, mistreated, and marginalized animals in the center of the country. We transform their health and better their quality of life and offer them the opportunity of a safe home I. It’s composed by 2 volunteers and 1 rescuer. We have four programs: 1) education campaigns for communities; 2) educational talks for schools; 3) feeding routes; 4) Forever Home adoptions. Our mission is to educate and help the overpopulation problem of abandoned animals in our island and to stop animal abuse.”

This organization was forced to abandon their property and mobilize hundreds of animals due to their location being too at risk for possible landslides. They are currently residing in a temporary donated location in which they can only stay for six months. They are in desperate need for funding for their relocation to a more permanent location.

Donate to their paypal: