Hi! I’m Rae

I’m a truth seeker and lifelong learner.

I’m on a life journey of self work and discovery— of working through and letting go of behaviors that don’t serve me. I believe holistic wellness encompasses our whole being - mind, body and spirit and that there is more to us and the world around us than what meets the eye.

I’m a mom who wears my babies and occasionally makes YouTube videos about it. (SWIPE for more)

I’m a marketing professional specializing in brand ID. I love helping small business owners find their unique voice and develop strategies to meet their goals.

I’ve lived in 5 different states in the last 10 years. My spouse is in the military and we recently moved to the Savannah area where my current pet project is designing our new home. SWIPE to find out where to follow along.

I’m always open to opportunities and looking to connect with other genuine human beings. If you’re looking to connect or if there’s something I can help you with, my DMs are open.

Follow along as we design our new home!

Follow along as I design our home

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Baby Carrier Reviews, Comparisons & Tutorials

After downplaying my anxiety diagnosis for several years, I was suddenly faced with the inescapable truth of my own reality when I found out I was expecting my first baby just as my husband left for a deployment.

As the stressors of life came crashing down on me I realized I needed to find a way to have both my hands free AND keep my baby calm and close to me. Along with therapy, mindfulness and yoga, babywearing became a tool that allowed me to cope with the triggers of motherhood and military life.

Through the online babywearing community, I discovered an unknown world of options. I learned that there were so many smaller brands offering stylish, beautiful baby carriers. As I began to curate a collection of carriers I sought out brands that fit my personal taste and aesthetic.

One day I looked at my growing collection and thought... hey I should do something with all of this. So: I started a YouTube channel. On my channel I share tips and tutorials, info about my favorite carriers, and a little bit about my life.

Wearing my babies has been a huge part of my motherhood journey and I’d love for you to join my growing little community.

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