My Story

The Skeptic in Me

March of 2020
I was an exhausted wife, mom of 3 children, working 50+ hours per week that was physically and emotionally drained every day. I was parenting from the couch and had zero patients for my children. I was disgusted with myself and wasn't happy about not hitting my fitness goals. I felt overwhelmed with "to-do" lists and was having generalized headaches almost daily. I needed 2 cups of coffee every morning just to be able to have a conversation with my husband.

I decided to give Thrive a try but was super skeptical about it. I didn't want to overwhelm myself even more but I trusted a friend that gave me a free sample.

Day 1 - didn't notice much change but noticed how easy the 3-steps were (I needed simplicity)
Day 3 - I had extra energy in the afyernoon but the skeptic in me thought it was all in my head.
Day 10 - I had all day energy that led me into a cleaning spree, organizing closets that I hadn't touched in months. I also realized I hadn't had a cup of coffee since Day 1 (holy crap) I was motivated to play with my children more and was sleeping better than before.

My dull life is bright again and I have lost over 50 lbs. Since starting Thrive! I am SO much happier and healthier.
Thrive has completely inspired me to help everybody feel their absolute best.

Are you ready to invest in your health?

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