My Story

Let’s change your life together!
I have always worked in the medical field in some sense, I’ve been a pharmacy technician for about 8 years. I really do like my job, but there’s only so far you can climb in that field. I knew I needed more. Something with a purpose, something with an income that I could leave the job to be home. I needed a new purpose!
I had been following a girl on social media and watching her live a life of complete freedom, working off social media. She was a mom of two and pregnant with her third. . I couldn’t shake the feeling I was seeing her posts for a reason. I had been with that same company about 8 years earlier but they had only a few products at the time. I knew the history of the company and love what they stand for. I couldn’t help but think, “your answer is right in front of you!”
I jumped in and never looked back. 3 weeks in, I had lost 15 pounds. Those weren’t just any 15 pounds, they were my yo-yo pounds. I’d yoyo up and down without ever making any real progress. So, I had immediate belief in the products. My short term goal is to get my new car paid off! Also to continue to support my daughters all-star cheer team addiction, which gets pretty pricey!
One girl’s posts, over and over again on my newsfeed, changed my entire life! Five seconds of courage and one leap of faith bought my freedom and became the platform for complete transformation for my entire life! The friendships I’m making with the most positive, uplifting women has been amazing.
You can fill out my influencer application, (next page) and let’s find out together if this could be the solution you’ve been praying for too!