So happy you’re here!

I’m Casey,
A mother to my cheeky toddler Cohen, fur mum to a Maltese Shitzu named Rocky, lover of the environment and creator of my natural chapter.

My journey began, looking for alternatives when Cohen’s allergies were at their highest. I knew he was a sensitive sally so I decided to swap some of the nasty chemicals in my home for some DIY’s and more natural products.

When I started looking, what I uncovered was astounding. The more research I did the more I realised I was dousing myself and my kid in harmful chemicals daily!! Cancer causing, allergy irritating, hormone inbalancing chemicals!!!

Finding alternatives and making DIY’s led me to a brand of essential oils Young Living and can I tell you I am now learning more than ever!!

Now, in a time where health is so important Im so thankful this door was opened and I found a brand of products I love and trust 100%. I encourage everyone to take a look into alternative methods, learn and educate others because the science is there, the evidence is clear and let’s face it using plants for medicinal purposes isn’t the new kid on the block.

If you join me and my community, I promise to hold your hand and support you through your journey, what ever it may be and I promise to embrace your ‘why’ and teach you a few things along the way xx