What's this about???

All about ME! 💜ðŸģïļâ€ðŸŒˆðŸĨ°

Well howdy! I'm so glad you took the time to stop by and read this little blurb and connect with me!

A little bit about me:
I'm a 26 year-old small-town girl just trying to sashay her way through this crazy life! I am just starting college at Reading Area Community College in hopes to get a liberal arts degree to then transfer to the Pittsburg Institute of Mortuary Science. With the support of my amazing boyfriend, I started working this business in order to not only earn a second income, but to help with college loans, start some savings, and just generally try to make life just a bit cushier! Growing up, money was really tight. I mean, reeeeeaaaaally tight. And I just want to be comfortable knowing that my family doesn't have to struggle for months, even years on end trying to make all the bills on time or pay the rent. So, after being skeptical for a while, lots of watching and waiting for the right moment, I finally decided to take the plunge into this business! And I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me and I hope to take you along for the ride, too!!

If you're interested in what I do, or in any of the products I have to sell, or just aren't sure what you're looking for and want to know where to start, check out my links for more information on how to get started!!

I really hope to hear from you soon! 😘💕💞

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