Are you Struggling with your Online Business?

Start an Online Business & get Consistent sales in 90 days or less

Do you need help clarifying your business idea and launching?


You are a newbie who recently started an online Business and you are finding it difficult to set up your business and position your brand to get consistent sales?

How would it feel to launch your online business and start getting consistent sales within 30 - 90 days?

Wouldn’t it feel great to stop getting those I will get back to you or I can’t afford it responses

Now I know you don’t want to start a business that will just keep struggling for a really long time…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a lead generation strategy that gets new customers flowing every month?

You will learn how to position your brand as the preferred choice through your content and attract your new leads to your business every month.

You will learn & implement the proven sales process that will give you 5-6 figures every month.

Clarify & specialize
We will go over the foundation of your business,making sure there is clarity & an understanding of how you will stand out from the crowd.

Qualify your offer
We will go over your products and pre qualify them and then we create an irresistible offer that your dream clients will be hooked on.

Map out your content & your lead generation strategy
With my help and guidance you will learn to hone your messaging so that it does the work for you in attracting your ideal customers & getting them ready to buy from you.

Create a Solid Sale Process
I will help you create a sales process for your business that gets your dream clients into your funnel and journey on through you content to become paying customers via my framework.

What’s in it for you?
You will learn how to get more ideal leads into your funnel and turn them ready to buy customers.

You will learn how to create a high demand offer.

You will learn how to create content that positions your online business as the go to choice.


✅Done for your Instagram caption templates that attract leads.

✅Learn how to scale your business through Instagram ads that get you 3x more sales every week.

✅Dm sales scripts.

✅Organic Instagram lead generation checklist.

✅100 comments prompt for active daily engagement on Instagram.

✅Selling your offer on Instagram made easy.

Hi hi😊

I’m Jae.

I help you launch your online business in a way that positions you to get paying clients guaranteed.

You don’t have to go round in circles, I’m here to give you the step by step proven sales process and lead generation strategies that will get you consistent income online.