How to make a fully automated income with crypto

Cassandra Connal ~ stay at home mum

Imagine that you’ve got $20 and you’re wanting to make the most out of it. Out of these three options what would you choose.

1. Keep it in a jar under your bed and save it for a rainy day.
2. Put it into a savings account and receive an interest return of 1 - 2 % from your bank.
3. Invest into trade where you double your investment (receiving a 200% return).

If you’re like me and are wanting an option that allows your money to work for you, you’ll probably choose option 3 but you might also be thinking “I don’t know anything about how to trade!” Don’t worry you don’t need to! 😄

I learnt about CashFX - a platform that uses assisted trading systems to trade for you on the Forex Market - basically a pro trader that does the work for you. Knowing that I didn’t have to figure it all out for myself got me really excited!

I made a personal investment of 300USD and by the end of the week I was seeing my investment returned to me at around 6%. I was paid $10 for doing nothing! And this return was better than anything my bank had paid me in interest.

Not only was I seeing returns on my initial investment on the forex market with the help of CashFX , I was also building my crypto portfolio! 🙌🏼 This exact strategy has allowed me to get the most out of my money.

There a multiple ways you can receive commissions from CashFX but whether you decide to just sit back and do nothing or you actively try to build you account up, you’ll get paid every week regardless. It’s really incredible how this works, and that everyone gets to win! ✨

So with that, if you’re interested in learning more or getting started check out some of the links below.

Once you’re ready, let me know so I can answer any of your questions or guide you through how to upgrade your packs and continue to keep earning. ☺️

Here’s to a new way, happy earning! 🥂

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