Cassiejeanbeauty Tips:

1. Double cleanse face during nightly routine
2. Use clean face towel EVERYDAY. OR use disposables. #bacteriapool
3. Wash pillowcase often
4. Try a mineral powder rather than a thick liquid foundation
5. CONSISTENTLY follow at home skincare routine
6. Visit your Esthetician at least every seasonal change/yr

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HI & WELCOME all you beautiful souls! My name is Cassie & I’ve created this space to share with you a passion for all things beauty. From skincare, hair, nails, tips, hacks & advice. You’ve come to the right place!


Struggling with acne & need some advice?

You ASK & you shall RECEIVE!

Recently I’ve had a request to touch on ACNEIC SKIN (specifically ADOLESCENT acne).. LOVE IT! Thank you to everyone who has messaged me about all things beauty!!

Acne can be a tricky problem to solve because HORMONES & GENETICS can play a huge role. Each case is completely different and what works for one person may not work for the next. Coming from experience, it’s a journey to get the skin you dream of and you have to CONSTANTLY work at it. Consistency is 🔑

Lemme first B R E A K it D O W N for ya’ll. • • •

Acne - WHAT is it?
🦠A chronic inflammatory disease caused by hormonal changes & overactive sebaceous glands (Propionibacterium acnes)
🦠It can be present on the FACE, SHOULDERS, CHEST or BACK.
🦠Characterized by what we call open/closed comedones (blackheads, white heads) and papules (small raised, reddish bumps on skin) and pustules (white/yellow spots surrounded by swollen reddish painful area). Nodules or CYSTIC ACNE. • • •

What is happening INTERNALLY?
🧬Overactive sebaceous secretions
🧬HORMONAL disturbances (increase in oil production during ie. PUBERTY). Which is WHY acne is so common among teenie boppers!
🧬Good cell regeneration (can AGE BETTER - WOOHOO!!!!!!!). Oil covers our skin to help prevent moisture 💦 from evaporating.
• • •
WHAT can you USE to help combat breakouts?

I SO SO wish I could list off a routine, with specific miracle products that will give you the complexion you ALL DESERVE. But, we all know it’s just not that easy, WAH! It takes time to tease out what’s happening internally, OR perhaps there is an ingredient in what you currently use causing you to breakout, reactions to certain foods, sports players (tricky to keep sweat & bacteria off the skin) etc.

Personally, it was a lot of TRIAL & ERROR. Patience, patience, PATIENCE!!! What I can tell you about acneic skin and my experience is that EXFOLIATION is key to slough off dead skin and bacteria. IF you know what you’re doing, with the right product for you. Using an exfoliator that is TOO GRITTY or STRONG I used to think that I needed to give my face a vigorous scrub 3X’s/week to give it a GOOD “clean”. WRONG. This will only cause more aggravation, redness, and further breakdown of the skin allowing more bacteria to creep in = MORE BREAKOUT. Bringing you back to square one. FUN.

It is so important to find a GENTLE yet EFFECTIVE exfoliator that you can use EVERYDAY (yes, everyday). I suggest a CHEMICAL and PHYSICAL exfoliant. What does this mean? Something that has a littttttle bit of grit paired with an enzyme (ie. Rice enzyme ) to lightly brush off bacteria hanging around on the surface of the skin. Just the right synergy to keep your skin happy. Be sure to have a nice soak in the bath a couple times/week with a nice face MASK filled with hydrating ingredients to help maintain a healthy PH balance & sooth the skin – not too dry, but not too oily my dear.

Once I found the right balance of products and got my exfoliation game under control, I really found an improvement in my overall complexion. It wasn’t until around 3rd year university, that I found my acne switch gears and evolve into CYSTIC ACNE. A hole other beast - which I will tackle another time!
• • •
🌿PATIENCE & CONSISTENCY ARE KEY. ALWAYS. Skin cells take 29 days to flip over and regenerate - One month is generally needed to even start to see results.
🌿 Important to find a combination of products that won’t dry you out, but also nothing too heavy clogging your pores. JUST THE RIGHT BALANCE. This is where your Esthetician can help you!
• • •
Having a solid at home skincare routine is crucial if you hope to see any sort of results!

1. Cleanse
2. Toner (balance PH)
3. Serum - (Acneic skin is often dehydrated)
4. Matte moisturizer W/ SPF

1. Double cleanse (1st to remove make-up & environmental debris. 2nd to give pores a good clean)
2. Toner
3. EXFOLIATE (gently massage skin and let it sit for about 1min allowing enzyme to do it’s magic!)
4. Mask (2-3/week)
5. Nighttime moisturizer

Home Care Routine



1. Yonka Gel Cleanser. Gets you a good clean without stripping the skin leaving it tight and irritated. I personally would use a gel or foam when I used to have chronic Acne. Now, with oil cleanser on the market I’d recommend trying! OIL LOVES OIL💪. But I can’t speak from experience.

2. Toner (balance PH). 100% without a doubt YONKA’S lotion spray with 5 different essential oils. I’ve used this since elementary school and it’s still one of my top products.

3. Serum - (Acneic skin is often dehydrated). Clear-Cell Restoring Serum by IMAGE Skincare. You can choose to do this step at night AFTER exfoliation.

4. Prevention Plus Daily Matte Moisturizer W/ 32 SPF. Doesn’t matter the day or season, SPF ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.


1. Double cleanse (1st to remove make-up & environmental debris. 2nd to give pores a good clean)

2. Toner

3. GM Collins POWDER EXFOLIATE (gently massage skin and let it sit for about 1min allowing enzyme to do it’s magic!) Physical & chemical composition using a rice enzyme to eat away that dead skin and bacteria GENTLY! Start every other night, working your way up to every evening. NEVER EXFOLIATE IN THE AM!!!!

4. IMAGE Vital C Mask (2-3/week) Is one of my FAVS. A burst of VITAMIN C.

5. Ormedic balancing biopeptide creme. Our skin does most of its repairing while we sleep. Hence, GET YO BEAUTY SLEEP! Acneic skin can often be irritated and sensitive. We want to bring back that healthy & happy balance to build strength. Lightweight & hydrating without a greasy feel. Repairs and balances moisture depletion.

DM me for any further questions! All product available at LV Esthetics.

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