Hey you !! I’m Cassidy!

I run off caffeine & daily affirmations !✨

Hey! Im Cassidy, everyone calls me Cass, I’m 22, Michigan born & raised, Eliseo’s fiancé, a mom to a one year old Mateo & pregnant with our second sue in May !’
1 year ago I took a leap of faith in myself & started my own business.
Before this business i just a stay at home mom which I love. I’m all honesty I started to loose myself I’m it, outside of mother hood I needed something else for myself & wanted more from life & my families. I knew I didn’t want to return to my place of work as a CNA, as we all know they are underpaid plus over worked (worst combos am I right?! 🙃)
so I decided to say yes to this amazing opportunity I came across randomly on Facebook so I could continue to be a stay at home mom. ❤️
Before this business I would have to barrow money to be able to take my son to do things like beach trips & going to the zoo. Now I don’t have to even think about it. What a great feeling that is.
This business has already been so life changing and eye opening. Sense starting I have gained so much confidence, learned to deal with my anxiety, grown so much more kind & understanding, I’ve started my health journey which lead to some weight loss, I’m able to help people everyday, I m focused more on my mental health doing & developing myself because it’s so Important, I’m made some of my best friends, grew closer with the good lord & I’ve even earned paid for trips !! I’m absolutely loving this new me I’m becoming & the blessings this business has done and continues to do for me & my family.

So do whatever it takes, change your group of friends, walk a different route, never sell yourself short & always give yourself a chance! You are in control of your OWN STORY. If you want change remember it all starts with you & it’s never too late to start a new chapter.🙌🏼🥰