Hi friends, Cassie here!

I’m so glad you popped by 😊

I went from being a hairdresser, to studying ministry in Australia, to working for my church, to being a stay at home mama to the sweetest baby boy! 💙

I started my health journey about 6 years ago by eating better & working out. I was introduced to Young Living oils 5 years ago. I FINALLY bought my starter kit 2.5 years ago but I really wish I would have done it sooner because man has this company changed my life and health journey forever!

So where ever you are on your journey I would LOVE to help you figure out what is best for you and your family. I’m here to guide you on how these oils can help and support you and those you love.

Swipe over to check out the starter kits and find which one fits your families needs best. ➡️

Let’s get you started on your oily journey!

One thing I love about Young Living is that there is something for everyone. So many different options to get started wherever you’re at, whatever you’re trying to improve! You can order every month, once a year or never again. There’s no commitment so you can decide what’s best for you. 😊 When you do decide to order again you will get full access to the wholesale price which is 24% off ALWAYS. Saaaay whaaat?! Crazy, I know!

If you need any help figuring it all out or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Let’s take a look and find the best fit for you!

Premium Starter Kit

This is the perfect kit to get you started on your oily journey and exactly what you need to have in your wellness toolbox.

What you get:
•Diffuser of your choice
•Citrus Fresh
•Peace & Calming
•Stress Away

•2 Roller fitments for whichever oils you choose!
•2 Ningxia Red 2 oz samples - super yummy and filled with soooo many antioxidants
•Thieves Spray 1 oz - great to keep in the car or purse when you’re on the go & spray down anything that needs it!
•Thieves Hand Sanitizer - smells so good and is actually moisturizing


Ningxia Starter Kit

Ningxia Red is one of the most popular and important supplements for everyone to be taking on a daily basis. This starter kit will have you stocked up with your daily antioxidant drink, and put you on the right track for a great new life of wellness for you & your family.

What you get:
•Ningxia Red 2 Pack
•30 Ningxia Red Singles (2 oz each)
• Ningxia Nitro


CBD Starter Kit

CBD primarily interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This is what regulates processes in the body such as appetite, pain, mood, memory and more.

What you get:
•Calm CBD Roll on
•Citrus CBD oil
•CBD Muscle rub


Thieves Starter Kit

Switching your household cleaners for thieves is the perfect way to ditch the toxins & switch it to something that will not only cleanse & purify your home but support your wellness at the same time.

What you get:
•Thieves oil
•Aroma bright toothpaste
•Fresh essence plus mouthwash
•Thieves foaming hand soap (2 ct)
•Thieves household cleaner (2 ct)
•Thieves spray (2ct)
•Thieves hand sanitizer (2 ct)