About me

Hi, Im cate 💓

Im 19 and a new mama.
My partner in crime is blair, youll often see photos and videos of him. My son Asher was born on the 5/8/19 and I adore him entirely.
This little family of ours currently lives in New Zealand. I was born and raised here but spent a few years back and forth in Australia.
When I was younger I struggled with mental health issues so often tried to move away from whatever I was dealing with. I never really stopped moving growing up, which was all by my own accord. However after meeting blair Ive stayed in NZ for almost three years, in love with my life and family here so dont plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

My mum and I are really close but my dad travels a lot so I dont see him as often.
I love taking photos, filming and singing but need to get back into the routine of making youtube videos. Ive been filming since I was 8 years old and dont plan to stop anytime soon, having recorded moments of my favourite memories will always be special to me.
My best friends are Madison & Rhiannon 💙

I only really post about or support NZ businesses 💓

Feel free to message me whenever you need someone to talk to, even if we dont know eachother im always here.

Cate Emily

on youtube

Q&A will be uploaded soon, Ill answer all of your questions about pregnancy and new mama life.

Getting jaw surgery and wisdom teeth removed!

My first bikini shoot!

24 hour road trip

Give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom.