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I'm Catherine, from Wales, UK. I have this inner skill that allows me to help you with skills I have learnt over the years. Listen, building confidence, relaxing and so much more.

All of what I have learned has been something my body as drawn me to intuitively! Learning to be aware is one step toward finding happiness, let me help you

Walking, cooking, animals, podcasts, sustainability, eco-friendly and wellbeing are some of what I love.

Another passion of mine is learning! I'm striving to be the best version of myself NOT PERFECT!

Feedback on anything is more than welcome

Recycling items that you can't recycle locally!

There is a list of 10 Items that you need to keep to get a freebie 😊

Can Reflexology help ease hayfever?

Itchy eyes, a runny nose, headaches and a whole lot of sneezing and coughing... sound familiar? These are all symptoms of hay fever and can make the summer months miserable for those who suffer. The standard treatment many of us reach for is over-the-counter antihistamines. For some though, this isn’t an ideal solution. Not everyone can take this medication (check with your doctor if you’re pregnant or taking other medications) and some find the drowsy side-effects get in the way of their day. If your on the hunt for a more natural approach - look no further than Reflexology. Reflexology works by work on the areas of the body that get affected through the feet (or hands). Stress can heighten these symptoms too. So keeping stress to a minimu is key

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Can Reflexology help with the symptoms of RLS? Yes, it won't cure but will most definitely help. Head to the link here and it will explain more with in the post onthe Instagram page.

Self Help Tips Relive anxiety and promote relaxation Excellent for panic attacks. Very simple and can be very effective. Press lightly and rub around in Clockwise direction, slowly in the centre of your hands over your solar plexus. This the emotional centre of the body - it gets knotted and the butterflies. Whilst you do this just breathe slowly and calmly, this is going to help you instantly feel calm in body and mind.

Self Help Tips to relive anxiety and promote relaxation

Grounding and why it works to calm you

When we start to think about something stressful, our amygdala, a section of the brain located in the temporal lobe, goes into action. The amygdala, simply put, is the part of our brain that is responsible for our emotional responses, especially fear. It is great for preparing for emergency events but sometimes it kicks in to action and detects a threat where there really isn’t any. Here is a typical process; we have a negative thought about a situation (remember a thought doesn’t necessarily mean it is real), our amygdala says “emergency! emergency!” and initiates changes in our body such as increased muscle tension, rapid heartbeat and faster breathing. The amygdala then interprets these body changes as further evidence that something is actually wrong which of course further activates it and creates a vicious cycle where you become more and more anxious and physically and emotionally overwhelmed. Thankfully, we can use grounding techniques to break out of this vicious cycle. By re-focusing on your body and what you’re physically feeling, you get out of your head and divert your mind away from anxious or stressful thoughts and into the moment.

UPDATED Skincare Finder

Go through some thorough questions to get the best personalised skincare imaginable

Little and Large Fruit Peel Offer

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Headaches & Migraines

Follow the link and understand how this point can ease your pain by doing it on youtself

Confidence —

Do you have a low self esteem? Has your confidence been knocked? Read on my social pages to find ways to help!

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Safe Hair Colours After Cancer.

Is it safe to color hair after cancer? Every day people are exposed to chemicals that are toxic to our system, and radiation that is connected to the risk of breast cancer. The beauty products we use on a daily basis expose us to that risk. The risk of becoming allergic or sick. Therefore, it is very close to our hearts at NATULIQUE to raise awareness in the salon industry, and avoid all of the toxic chemicals in our products.

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2022 is you year to shine

Grow into the person you deserve Learn and develop the habits to create this Failures lead to a more developed you - LEARNING CURVE RIGHT? what do you want from 2022?


45-60 minutes of pure relaxation

Reflexolog sessions at £40

Book and pay for 5 treatments and get your 6th treatment free

A single treatment can be wonderfully relaxing, but the best results are achieved with regular treatments. Having a treatment each week for a couple of weeks or so will help to kick start the benefits and after that a treatment once every 2-4 weeks works for most clients

A 75-90 minute session is required for your very first session to allow for a thorough consultation. Additional treatments are approximately 45-60 minutes

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Happy Pride Month —

Celebrate Pride Month this June to champion visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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