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We have story’s bible quotes and prayer we just want encourage you to live the life of Jesus amen i say to go and spread the word of Christ

Gossip in

Why it hurts people so much

So gossip why we hurt people when we do let start with the first Bible story we all probably well heard Adam and Eve but let's go deeper into it see how it relates to this topic ok we start off with eve talking to the snake aka satin and he says why don't you eat the fruit? And eve said that God said not to eat noir touch the fruit what you might find interesting that God said to Adam eat any tree but the tree of knowledge of good and evil she adds something that Adam probably told her now you will see that that when the snake lies he spins a sum what truth around kinda like gossip but it not what it seems now see God made us in his likeness and so we are not God but are like God now god gave us free will in so he had to put the tree there. To do that Now if we think about it the more good we know the more bad we know so in that we probably would gotten to eventually eat of the tree we were just not ready for it and when they ate of the tree they were ashamed because they were naked and bare so they hide from god now that takes us to a another moment in the story. when gossip we might say something like this ( hey did you see her kids climbing the grocery store walls ya and how her child was dress my child would never be like that ) if we look at that last part ( my child would never be like that ) you see were she is being pride full now if look more into the story God finds Adam and asked why are you hidden and Adam says because I am naked and I was ashamed then God ask how do you know that you are naked you ate from the tree of knowledge it was women who gave the fruit Adam says. Ok now you see how Adam was too Pride full to take responsibility for his actions and the actions of his wife whom he was responsible for. Then God look at eve and said why have you ate from the tree it was the Snake she said the snake told me to eat it he said it would make me like God. Once again she was to pride full to take responsibility for her actions. Then God told the snake you shall eat dirt for the rest of your life and so on but we learn two things from this about gossiping 1 some times we use gossiping to make us feel better about are selfs and that is pride now when we make other feel bad about there selfs they may turn around do it to another person and then you feel just like those two people love your neighbors as you love yourself then that's what going make you feel better not by making someone feel the same 2 not taking responsibility for your words if there not there it can’t hurt them right same with snap chat it deletes itself so when you text something about someone and you don't see it then you can't feel guilty for it that not the case it steal hurts people a lot and it spreads like wild fire 🔥 so my thought don't be pridefull and now the difference between right and wrong

Today I am thinking about patience and st Monica

Hey so to day I am focused on patients we all have to have it but seem never to achieve it huh for instance we look at a way of picturing and explaining purgatory we imagine a door slowly opening it could take a week or a decade to open before we can get to heaven because god knows no time you might be thinking what !!! I got 50 things to do in ten minutes and it could take a decade to get to heaven !!! Well ya kind of like life like yet it seems we never have time or patience to wait we’re always trying to be in control always planning like we have control sometimes it takes patients to have things fall in place for us well as it might seem that is not the right phrase but i mean in the end we realize that we’re really lucky I mean i am not the person to probably tell you this but some times we just have to be patient and need to trust in god for instance ST. Monica had a lot of
struggles and had to have a lot of patience especially with her son she had to be patient with her son knowing that he had fallen from the church but with patience’s and trust that god would lead him back he became one of the church greatest philosophers the church has seen so I am not talking about waiting in line i not talking about being patient waiting for some cookies to bake I talking about life some times we struggle sometimes but we’re all going to have to be patient until god sculpts his plan into the Portrait we call life

My thought for Today

Dealing with difficult people what does st. Theresa say

Ok so today I am thinking about difficult people how to deal with how to forgive them and how difficult are we we might ask for instance somebody look and said I don’t like your outfit it too color full all I could say was hmm really that all I could say I was in shock in kind of upset she just look at me on purpose and said that but here’s the deal some people who say that stuff have more to them than that mean thing there say and when we look at this we have to think about different stuff like _ thy shalt love thy neighbor as thy self (23:37-39) ok so what does that mean so that person that saying that is a person to and we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ we are called to help each other as a family and hey families say stuff trust me they seem to be difficult but so are we that leads me to are next question is it us that is being difficult for instance this this story about about two brothers who get in to a fight and build fences to keep each other out they both think the other brother is in the wrong and the fences get higher until the older brother can’t get sunshine for his crops noir can the other they until they realize they don’t remember what they we’re fighting about and then see that they both were and the wrong then they knock the fences down and plant a tree that produces the most
wonderful fruit they ever seen what do we learn about this that we can be the ones that are judging like when the story about the women who had a baby without being married when the scribes and Pharisees bring her too Jesus he says to them may the one who has never sin through the first stone so we must forgive and forget and just have to deal with people who just aren’t vary nice ST. Theresa who was young when she entered the convent and yet she was probably so excited that she finally fulfilling her purpose but when she got there she had to learn in convent full of women things are not always perfect she had a simple house cleaning job and for got to dust a cobweb and her mother superior said you can surely can tell a 15 year old girl dusted or she her some of the say this child does nothing at first she thought there was something wrong with her but found out that there nothing wrong with her and she learned humility and patience so there no way to deal with difficult people but in my opinion it is humility and patience .

Today I am thinking about st Joseph and his absolute crazy wonderful trust in god

So today I am was thinking about ST. Joseph ok so I been having trouble trusting in god some times you ever just feel like life going to fall apart I know gods got a plan for me but why can’t I just trust in it well because we’re human and sometimes god puts bumps in the road ^ ^^ why might you ask to make us stronger god never would give us someone or something we could never handle but ST. Joseph was going to be the foster father to the messiah and was not Evan married there is so many details we sometimes we look over like the fact he was his getting married not Evan thinking about a child so let’s look at this Joseph was marrying Mary and then she was like I am having the messiah the king of kings why this was happening Zachariah and Elizabeth were in there six month they never believe they could have a child hey when the trusted in god the time in is perfect and John prepared the way for Jesus they trusted in god and amazing things happen now ST Joseph had his doubts and was Evan a little was a little insecure he until the angle gabriel came and said don’t be afraid fourth trust in your lord god the father of almighty and Joseph trusted god Evan when Mary went into birth and was not even in there own home the were in bethel ham and he was scrabbling for straws trying to find a inn to stay in Jesus was born in a stable but everything was ok they trusted in god and got one of the world’s greatest blessings ever then god said run in the middle of the night Joseph had to trust in him again and take Mary and Jesus and go and they were not even hurt I mean could you just go because you had angle in a dream tell you to run he had to have a lot of trust in next we could look to the temple were they took Jesus Christ and the priest had an vision that Jesus would die on the cross and Mary felt great distress and once again Joseph had to trust in god and when the lost Jesus in the temple and him and Mary were scared to death and felt like parents for maybe the first time he had to have trust so what am I saying that you have to trust in god Evan when the ride to heaven gets bumpy life goes on hey tough times don’t last but tough people do so what am I saying trust in god and everything going to be a ok 👌🏿👍🏼👌🏻

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Saint Nicholas

Today I am thinking about giving it is advent now and Christmas will be hear soon the day Jesus came into the world now we all think of this saint during Christmas he shows up all over the world in all kids homes with his helpers with gifts right but don’t you feel like he does more than gifts it is a message of generosity and great kindness it amazing how society has changed this tradition into a fat jolly man with elf’s who eats cookies who tells kids if there good they can have gifts first of all kindness can’t be measured by a list and now I believe kids should have there innocence of this but come stand up tell them the real story the real message teach them to give Evan if they don’t receive nothing back if no one sees them teach them that the may not always be called by the host to the front of the table but it will make your heart and you better teach them two serve take stand with Jesus who came into this world for us to die on the cross for are sins people look around there a bigger homeless population ever we need to love are neighbors of the world more than ever if it that person you pass every day on the way too work or school or someone you saw by the local Walmart or McDonald’s and together we will walk into heaven don’t be afraid to tell the real story all of it 

Heaven and hell

Today I am thinking about heaven and hell

Now I am talking about two very important things heaven and hell so let’s start with the two judgments ok no one is greater than god he is love itself so we might ask the question why did he make hell if loves us so much ? Well for one he gave us free will second he he did not create hell . Wait what we might be asking hell is just an untouched place by god . So that doesn’t answer the question of why he sends us there if he loves us so much. Well first before we answer that we must think about a few things first ok let’s start with the first judgment the soul of deceased we’re god decided weather you go to heaven or further on hell sometimes tho we have to go one a journey we’re are souls get ready to be received into heaven now if you look in the first book of Saint Faustina diary you see a story we she walked into purgatory and the blessed mother was there giving these people these souls something of like they have had drink of water now if you look at padri Pio he had many encounters with this he said are prays need to empty purgatory now let’s talk about the second judgment now the second one is the final judgment we are body’s will raised and in public the light will shine and ever secret will show the first on deciding we’re you will go until then and your life will be set in front of you ever kind thing to ever evil did death mean the that the time god gives to make a decision is over god gives free will if he never touched hell but created heaven basically we go there because we never chosen him we rejected him and his love so how can we go to a place god made if we have not chosen him now the only Question is will you

New segment 10 positive things for Sunday

10 you are doing great
9 when life’s tough god is watching you the most
8 gods got a special plan for you
7 if you got god then you have confidence because you have confidence in god
6 just keep your head up because it is closer to heaven
5 wow your prays are showing
4 life is crazy but so is gods love for you
3 hey at least you keep you guarding angle busy
2 Evan if your alone your mama Mary is always there with you
1 god loves you

Ten positive things for Sunday number 2

10 when it is dark let you little light shine
9 get up for mass because we must be awake with the lord for we know not his hour
8 get and up and dance in the blessings
7 gods gave us a plan with many dreams go follow them
6 can you feel the holy spirt you should you took a shower you saw a dove next thing you know you will be on fire!
5 love live and praise that how you will get through your day or week
4 come speak child you know you have had a crazy week and you want to tell me about today is that day !!!
3 the angels have been looking at you it is my turn to see you god is saying
2 you know you call ma for everything especially mama Mary and she loves hearing it
1 god loves you

Adoption of the children of God

To start with this we need to look to Baptistim and how are original sin was on are souls now we we're washed clean and are parents choose for us the not only spend are lives with god but choose heaven for us and endless joy not rules or lifestyle but some thing more but then that we're they make in are decision for us but also when God first adopts us because are parents are not only make in a  decision for us but give in us a backed to God now we go a little further in life to the second part of are Baptism and we go to confirmation and we choosea new name for are selfs and we choose god this we're we truly start to see that we are children of god and we choose him because he choose us a long time ago we created us for him to love us and wanted to be with us we are his children and he is are father and we choose him but why do I do this endlessly amount of leap of faith well because weather or not if we choose him he still loves us he makes us completes he is
are father and loves us as his children when we get confirmed and choose him that water wash away are original sin we are adopted into a family the family of heaven and it is not always going to perfect the devil is going to tell you that you don't need god that your by yourself you alone but that not true you have father and in heaven and your his children your never alone

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Ten positive things to think about on Sunday 3

1 Hey it's Sunday but not Monday!!!
2 Hey you got this
3 Hey Jesus is send in you a friend request now go follow your Shepherd
4 it's the lords day now come on and praise
5 we got to get up and go into the world now and proclaim the gospel
6 dream live and pray
7 family is bless in go in joy them
8 gods said you are worth it
9 this may be day one of sainthood
10 lord loves you ! Really! Yes the Bible told me so