Empowering Women To Live Their Best Life!

Hello! My name is Catina! Scroll down to learn a little about me!

My life was not always seamlessly simple. I was a widow with two small girls to raise. One of my daughters was diagnosed at age 5 with Type One Diabetes. I raised my girls alone for 10 years, until 2 years ago when I met my future husband! He blessed me with 3 wonderful bonus children and 2 grandsons! I am so blessed that he jumped in and became a Dad to my girls!

What I learned from all this is that even in my darkest days I am strong and what I don’t have God’s got me! As women we have an inner strength that’s there and sometimes it’s not until our darkest times that we realize how strong we are!

I am also fortunate that a friend introduced me to an opportunity to make an income off my smartphone. She had watched a family member retire her husband and live as a full time family and was working toward the same. Little did I know this would change not only my financial life, but would change my health,as I have a few autoimmune disorders!
Thankfully I jumped in and I have never looked back!

I am not only making an extra income but I have met and become friends with an amazing group of women! I found my tribe! And now I can help other women!

𝐼 𝓂𝒶𝓎 𝒷𝑒 𝒾𝓃 𝒷𝓊𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓂𝓎𝓈𝑒𝓁𝒻 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝐼 𝒶𝓂 𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝒷𝓎 𝓂𝓎𝓈𝑒𝓁𝒻! I would love to help you get started toward MORE freedom!
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