Hi I'm Christina

Here's my story so far..

Hey there! My name is Christina and I am so happy to have you here reading my about me! I'm a animal loving , music blaring , shampoo dealing, dream making, world traveling fool! I'm a lover and a realist I'm a dreamer but I can be lazy. The truth is I just want to be happy and be a good person. I want to take advantage of all of life's opportunities!

I am me.

I graduated high school and attended design school right after.. didn't get to finish , I kept at it though over the years , I just knew I didn't know what I wanted yet and paying so much at the time wasn't really making sense. I've been working as a waitress and all though I make money, now that I'm in my 30's (omg) I needed to start thinking bigger.

Finally one fine day, this opportunity to own my own business came to me. I was strolling Instagram and I saw these girls on the beach hanging out doing their hair and looked so chill. I was charmed by the lifestyle! (and the compensation plan that looked so attractive; and attainable.)

I still was hesitant after committing and buying into the biz. I was thinking, "what did I just get into. Another dumb move." Some friends doubted me. I felt insecure again.

But what I found was these girls that I was seeing living the life I wanted were real. And I could have that too. I see girls literally sitting in their car payed for by my company. They are all so down to earth and all have fire in them. They are legit No excuses,take life in your hands,boss bitches! And now that's me. I didn't know anything about the biz, but now I am learning skills to own my own business and building so much confidence. Pushing my limits of comfort and growing.

I am excited for what's to come. This is me now: a confident, money hustlin ,(still animal loving), business woman.

So when I'm not helping people with their hair or skin or changing their lives with a new business opportunity, I also like to do unboxings . I'm obsessed with getting stuff in the mail and subscription boxes. This I'm not the best at but I have fun. If you want to watch click the link below.👇
If your interested in working with me fill out the influencer app on my IG page and if you just want to try these bomb natural based,vegan hair and skin products then hit me up too. Learn more about our company and ask me for samples I may have some for you.

Top asked questions in the biz


What's the catch?

Yo, I've been looking for the catch - and there is none.
Actually, here's the only catch - you have to put in the effort.
You have to be coachable and ready to learn. This is NOT a get rich quick type of thing so if that's what you're looking for this def isn't for you! You are building a business. You will reap what you sow, sister!
There's a one time investment and with that you get products for yourself, samples to share, on boarding, a back office, personalized website, discount on products, license to sell and a TON of free mentorship. And check this - there's a 30 day money back guarantee! There's literally NO RISK. You can start a biz for a couple hundred bucks and flip that into thousands.

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What if I dont have a lot of time?

This is YOUR business to work on your time. There are single and stay at home mamas, nurses, lawyers, students and more working this business and making BANK. If you put in an hour a day, you will do just fine in this business. It's a matter of priorities.
Take a look in your settings at your Screen Time and see how much time you really do have if you just redirect it!

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What if I dont have money to start?

You can start this business for $199. And be up, running and ready to go. If you're reading this right now from a $999 smart phone and you're saying you don't have money to start..
Again it's a matter of priorities. If money really is a struggle, what girls on my team have done is sell some clothes or things they're not using anymore around the house!
If you need help brainstorming ideas, hit me up and we can figure it out together!

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I've never done sales can I be successful still?

ABSOLUTELY. We not out here for the hard sell ya'll. We train you on how to "social sell" which is just sharing. People won't even know you're selling half the time.
When you invest your $199 to start your business, that comes with mentorship from myself and my uplines which includes 6 figure owners and even a few millionaires - all from THIS business!
We will show you the ropes, we have multiple training per week, a whole folder of video resources and WhatsApp chats to get help in the moment!
You are given everything you need and more to be successful!

I dont have a lot of followers soo?

People have done this business and made loads of money with 100 followers.
We teach you how to prospect, build your audience and tap into your existing network regardless of its size!

Are the products really safe?

The products are clinically backed and declared safe.
The 11th World Congress of Hair was held April 24-27, 2019 in Sitges, Barcelona and offered a comprehensive, international hair research meeting for the advancement and knowledge in hair growth, hair and scalp diseases, and clinical care.
The focus of the poster, MONAT Global, whose products were subjected to rigorous tests ultimately showed that they:

Do not irritate the skin

Do not contain strong contact allergens

Do not damage the hair fiber

The results showed:

No negative results on RIPT or SRCU test subjects

Improved hair combability and strength

No hair breakage or loss of hair flexibility even when used on bleached or damaged hair

No change in superficial structure of normal, virgin hair

Improved superficial structure of damaged bleached/dyed hair

See the > Test Results < and full report 
Also if you saw my before pics - GIRL!
Peep these links for more info!
The Science of Monat
Monat in the Media

Is this one of those pyramid schemes?

insert spongebob meme*
NO. A pyramid scheme has no tangible product, encourages a large initial investment, you cannot out earn anyone above you, promises large earnings with little effort, poor or non-existent training, often aggressive approach and may use false information or deadlines to urge people to join quickly. Also, illegal AF.
Monat is a billion dollar company in 5 years (whoa) and we've won multipleeee awards for our fab products (refer to links in previous FAQ). I think if we were an illegal pyramid scheme, with all this media attention, we'd be shut down by now.
We have a low start up cost of $199 or $350 depending on the products you want, as well as tools and mentorship to help sell the products.
If you outwork the person you joined the business with, you can pass them up! Earnings are based on your efforts, again so much mentorship and training from myself, 6 figure earners and MF millionaires IN THIS COMPANY, and we present the opportunity, how it works and allow people time and ability to make a well informed decision.
Instead of paying for advertising and all the hoopla like most companies do, this amazing family chose a Multilevel Marketing model to compensate us for spreading the product awareness by word of mouth to people who trust us and our opinions!
So no, Susan, this is not a pyramid scheme.