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My name is Caylie Olson and I currently work part time at a bar & grill in my home town. I’ll be starting college in the fall as a business major with a dream of opening my very own business some day.

I’m proud of where I am right now, but I know that I’m made to achieve so much more. I have big plans for myself, and I intend on always being independent and to always continue to push further in life. I want to experience the business world in a way that challenges me and helps me use my voice, so I’ve decided to partner with this company. With them, I have an amazing opportunity to grow my platform and use it to continue to promote activism and speak out about issues that really matter (while having a super sweet side hustle deal).

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with an amazing group of women who will support, motivate and challenge me, build a platform for myself, and work in a business that I actually care about — selling the #1 premium luxury skin and hair care brand. I am extremely lucky to work on my own schedule and build relationships with people all around the world. I am incredibly proud to announce that I’m joining this family.

If you’re looking for a vegan hair and skincare routine will make you feel like a queen, please check out our products! I can wholly promise that they will not disappoint.

Or, if you’re interested in joining the team, making some extra money from the comfort of your home and earning free opportunity for travel, you’ve come to the right place!

Take the next step with us! Don’t wait for your dreams to happen to you.