You CAN do it!!

Hi! My name is Cayla Plummer and I am currently a college student and aspiring medical school student. You can usually find my nose in a textbook or me talking about how much I miss my ringlet curls. (It’s tragic, I know)

Everyone knows going to medical school is money intensive and stressful! I wanted to start my journey of being financially independent while loving and working on myself (curls included).

I joined an amazing community where I can do just both. I am here to show you can make money from your phone. You do have time to dedicate. Hard work pays off. AND you get gorgeous hair and skin in the process.

Who doesn’t like sharing what they love with other people?! If you’re interested click any of the links and we can go on this adventure together!

My Favorites!

Hey y’all! These are my top favorites from Monat!

Revitalizing Essence

It’s ultra gentle and provides hydrating, skin replenishing and anti-aging ingredients! It’s designed to smooth and soften skin!

Curl Cream

This defines and hydrates every curl! It’s light weight and helps improve manageability of my curls!

Flexible Hold Gel

This a light weight gel that will hold your style all day! It doesn’t leave that crunchy feeling and helps manage my curls!

Curl Refresher Spray

Revives curls with a few spritzes! It reactivates the products in your hair and makes the curls look like wash day curls!

Berry Refined Scrub

This gently exfoliates the skin to leave behind nourished smooth skin! It can also be left on for 10 minutes and be a mask!