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A little about what got me to the present

Hi Friends!
My BioReigns Story:

So back in March 2020, I was granted an opportunity to stay at home with my girls. I worked for a very reputable clinic in my area, and don't get me wrong, I loved the experience, but sometimes things change for the better. I cannot say how unbelievably rewarding it is to be able to do that. I'm incredibly humbled.

Although I get to stay at home and raise my children, there still feels like something's missing. I'm honestly not used to NOT working! I kept thinking, "There just has to be something I can do - I'm home all day, chores are done, kids are good, now what?" Now don't get me wrong, people that know me know I have dabbled in opportunities in the past. But now? This is it for me!

The real turning point for me was when a friend of mine in the direct sales biz reached out to me about this revolutionary wellness company she has been a part of. Of course I am skeptical and had my doubts, BUT as soon as I watched a short video on what made this company different I was pretty much sold!

This experience made me feel very hopeful. Hopeful that there is something out there that really helps people feel better. And I love helping people! I want to be a part of something I believe inโ€ฆ I believe in CBD! I believe in what it does for people and how it heals people.

I love representing BioReigns! Their entire line of products are made from a 100% water dissolvable complex, not an oil based solution like all other companies. This is huge! This means you are getting 100% of BioReigns product into your bloodstream. You most certainly do not get that amount of absorption from any other CBD oil. BioReigns has everything from tinctures, gummies, lotions, CBD for pets and way more!

My Farmasi Story:

Being someone who has been in and out of network marketing and direct sales over the last 6 or 7 years...I have learned what companies are really something I would want to take on. I've been there, done that with several other companies and never found success or just gave up because I didn't have the right guidance.ย 

You always hear: โ€œget a job doing something you love that way you will always love your job.โ€ I truly believe that is possible. With the right company and right tools, training and support..anything is possible.ย 

My love for makeup and skin care has skyrocketed over the last few years and quickly became a passion of mine..I have tried so many products during that time. Well, I have recently been granted an opportunity to play with make up and get paid to do it and cannot be more excited!! It totally helped it was only twenty bucks to join ๐Ÿค‘.ย 

I already love staying home with my children and being there to raise them, I am fortunate. But, being able to bring in some source of income gives me that sense of independence and accomplishment! Donโ€™t get me wrong...raising kids is not easy..but we donโ€™t get paid for it. Well I sorta do!!ย 

Hereโ€™s to an addition to my current chapter and hoping it makes the next chapter even better!!ย 
I am honored to be your new Farmasi Beauty Influencer if you choose to have me! If you are all about high end cosmetics that is cruelty free and costs about as much as drug store cosmetics then we need to chat!ย 

~Beauty Boss Babeย 
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